Saturday, December 26, 2015

Best Books of 2015

Buddy couldn't pick just one.
It wouldn't be any bit of fun.
So for this special book review.
He picked out the best for you.
Buddy had to choose from forty-two.
That was not a easy thing to do.
He finally chose ten picture book.
So go ahead and take a look.

An A from Miss Keller
by Patricia Polacco

Dad's First Day
by Mike Wohnoutka

by Emma Dodd

Mr. Happy & Miss Grimm
by Antoine Schneider

by Timothy Knapman

The Queen's  Shadow
by Cybele Young

by Christoph Niemann

by Tim Federle

by Brian Schatell

by Mary Jane & Herm Auch

Thursday, December 17, 2015

First Christmas


The word became flesh, on that very night.
When the shepherds saw the beautiful sight.
It was our Savior Jesus who was born,
He came from heaven, in the early morn. 
It was that night, when Salvation had begun.
When God had sent his beloved Son.
He came down to save us from our sin.
We could surely see God's love within.
He died on the cross for our sake.
So that our bondage of sin would break.
Now every Christmas, we recall that very day.
When we proclaim, that it's Jesus Birthday.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Best Christmas Books

Do you want to read a picture book?
You picked the right place to look.
Check out Buddy's book review.
He chose Christmas books for you.
Just scroll down and look at this.
It's the one you don't want to miss.

Silver Packages
by Cynthia Rylant.
Every Christmas, a rich man
rides a train to a near by town.
He throws presents to the
 poor children who are waiting.
A boy named Frankie waited by the tracks,
hoping to receive a doctors kit.
But each Christmas,
he received clothes to keep him warm.
When Frankie grew up, 
he came back to town on Christmas day.
This time he watched other kids who waited anxiously for the same train when he was a kid.
He noticed a little girl fall, 
when she received her package.
Frankie walked up to her
 and opened his kit for a band-aid.
He assured her, she would be fine, 
because he was a doctor.

Mortimer's Christmas Manger
by Karma Wilson  
Mortimer Mouse moved in a new home.
He noticed a wooden manger, near a Christmas tree.
He found others living under the tree.
He took out all the statues, so he could move in.
But each night, the statues were back in place.
Mortimer over heard a story about Christmas.
Mortimer realized he stood in the place where
 baby Jesus statue belonged.
He put all the statues back in their spot.
Mortimer searched for a new home.
On the way, Mortimer said a prayer.
Mortimer found a new home just his size.
Mortimer's prayer was answered. 

The Crippled Lamb
by Max Lucado 
Joshua was a little lamb who always felt different.
He couldn't run and play with the other lambs
because he was crippled.
God had a very special plan for him.
Joshua found his prayer was answered.

The Christmas Sweater
by Glenn Beck 
Eddie wanted a bicycle for Christmas.
But he received a Christmas sweater.
He was very disappointed but his grandfather
showed him the magic of his sweater.
He went on a magical journey where
he had the best time of his life.
He noticed he was wearing his Christmas sweater.
He asked himself, could this sweater be magical?
When Eddie woke up, he realized it was a dream.
He went downstairs and found 
he received a brand new bike.
But Eddie was anxiously waiting for another present.
His mother gave him one more present.
Inside he found the Christmas sweater.
Eddie was so happy, he gave his mom a big hug.

The Christmas Candle
by Richard Paul Evans
Thomas need a candle for his lantern.
He stopped in a candle makers shop.
He bought a inexpensive candle.
On his journey home, 
he mistook a beggar for his mother.
Thomas gave her his cloak to keep warm.
He noticed a man that looked like his brother.
Thomas used all his money to put him
 in a inn for the night.
Thomas realized they were not his mother or brother.
But in the end, he found the true meaning of Christmas.


Priscilla And The Great Santa Search
by Nathaniel Hobbie
Bear Stays Up For Christmas
by Karma Wilson

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Ten Picture Books

Ten new picture books, sit on a shelf.
You're invited to come and pick one yourself.
Peter came up first, he stood in line.
He boldly grabbed one, now there's only nine.
Tiffany took her turn, she could hardly wait.
She decided on one, now there's only eight.
Wally loved the library, he called it heaven.
He chose his favorite, now there's only seven.
Billy filled with glee, looked at the mix.
He found his favorite, now there's only six.
The frenzy went on, Mandy was next to arrive.
She picked one out, now there's only five.
Miranda walked in next, she wanted to explore.
She grabbed her favorite, now there's only four.
Erica got her chance, a moment to see.
She found her favorite, now there's only three.
Three picture books left, each one brand new.
Until Joshua took one, now there's only two.
Michelle saw the ruckus, she joined the fun.
She picked her favorite, now there's only one.
Jody had no choice, only one to choose.
She grabbed the last, a book she can use.
The librarian had noticed, the shelf had none.
She placed ten more, now you can choose one.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Ten Witty Writers

Ten wacky witty writers, all had a dream.
To publish a book, hard it may be seem.
They submitted their story, for an editor to read.
But which witty writer, will be able to succeed.
First writer wrote a tale, that included a swine.
But his story was weak, so now there's only nine.
Second writer wrote a memoir, she thought it was great.
But her story lacked emotion, so now there's only eight.
Third writer was confident, he wrote book on heaven.
But he did no research, so now there's only seven.
Fourth writer wrote poetry, but it's not part of the mix.
Guidelines state no poems, so now there's only six.
Fifth writer wrote a book, on how to stay alive.
But he sent no query, so now there's only five.
Sixth writer wrote on adventure, places you can explore.
She misspelled editor's name, so now there's only four.
Seventh writer wrote on nature, places you can see.
But he never checked facts, so now there's only three.
Eighth wrote on mystery, but she had no clue.
She received a rejection, so now there's only two.
Ninth writer wrote on travel, places you can have fun.
His book was never edited, so now there's only one.
Tenth writer read Writers mag, on what publishers need.
She followed all the steps and she was able to succeed.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

It's Not Over

When troubles and burdens come your way,
It's easy to get down and give up today.
You get discouraged, you made a mistake.
You failed again, with so much at stake.
Unfortunately, times can be tough.
The road you take, can be rough.
If you have a desire, that's filled with fire.
You can keep going, with all the knowing.
You'll find good times are ahead.
So focus on these words instead.
You're precious life did not end.
Today, you can still try again.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Legend of the Candles

There was a gentleman who was standing by a door.
Who told me a message that I never heard before.
It's always better to learn everything that I can.
So I would be ready to follow God's plan.
He pointed to a door with a sign you couldn't miss.
With the words inscribed, there's more to life than this.
He invited me to go and hear what they had to say.
You can learn the truth that will help me everyday.
I went inside and saw four candles lit with a flame.
With a sign on each one, taped with their own name.
The first candle said, "I am peace to bring you harmony."
"I can shed some light on how life can be"
"But there is no one around that I can see."
"So my flame has gone out of me."
The second candle said, "I am faith that you need today."
"I want to show you someone that can lead the way."
"But there is no one around who wants to stay." 
"So now my flame has gone away."
The third candle said, "I am love that can bring unity."
"I am here to reveal, how good it can be."
"But no one comes along, so they can see."
"So my flame has gone out of me."
The fourth candle took his turn, he had some light."
My name is HOPE," he said. "You could use me tonight."
I took the candle of hope and lit the other three.
I finally got the message, they were trying to tell me 
Each candle represents, Faith, Hope, Peace and Love.
These four spiritual words, come from God above. 
Now abide in these, you are set apart.
To do good works, poured out from our heart.


Saturday, November 7, 2015

Maggie Plays Volleyball

Down at the park, on a sunny afternoon,
Maggie came along, whistling a happy tune.
She looked all around, for something to do,
She spotted a volleyball, that looked brand new.
She stared at the ball and started to dream.
She saw a vision, She was on a team.
The coach called her name, she dashed on the court,
Maggie was playing her favorite sport,
She picked up the ball and held it in her hand.
She swung her arm and served it underhand.
The ball flew over and the serve was in.
Maggie felt so good that she served again.
It was only a dream but she wanted to play.
So she raced to the gym to signup today.
A big crowd gathered, for Maggie's first game.
They started to cheer, when the coach called her name.
She stood by the line with her heart pounding fast,
It's the game winning point, her chance at last.
She hit the ball high and it flew through the air.
The players all gasped when the ball hit a chair.
The crowd stood silent and Maggie looked stun.
The visiting team scored and took game one.
She walked off the court with a sad droopy face,
Her head was hanging down and she felt out of place.
The players gathered around and heard the coach say.
"Just give me your best and you'll be okay."
It was game number two, the coach sent her in.
Maggie was happy and flashed a big grin.
She hit the ball straight with no trouble at all.
The visiting team stared, as they watched the ball fall.
The crowd gave a cheer when the ball hit the floor.
It was Maggie's first ace, she tried for more.
She served every point and they won by four.
The crowd stood up and gave her a big roar.
The coach took time before the next game.
He called for the starters and Maggie heard her name.
She ran on the court, to serve game three.
They players clapped their hands and chanted Maggie.
She stepped up to serve, with a gleam in her eye.
She took a big swing and watched the ball fly.
The ball sailed past the net, it sure looked fine,
The crowd cheered again when the ball hit the line.
Her team won the game and Maggie was proud.
She flashed a big smile and waved at the crowd.
She ran to the stands and greeted each one.
Then she shouted with glee, that volleyball is fun.



Saturday, October 31, 2015

Image of You

Look into the mirror, what do you see?
Is it someone, you are proud to be?
The face you show, is there a smile?
The clothes you wear, is it your style?
Look into the mirror, what do you find?
Is it someone, who is friendly and kind?
Is it someone, who is hard to please?
Or is it someone, who is always at ease?
Look into the mirror, what can you tell?
Is it someone, who is looking well?
Does it show, what you want to be?
Then ask yourself, is it the real me?  

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Part Three .......

Buddy rummaged through his desk looking for his pen.
He stumbled on a old photo 
with his friends Pete and Wally.
He noticed on the back of the picture,
 there was an inscription:
Buddy began to wonder, "Do I go to Trunk or Treat or
go with his friends to the Halloween party?"
Suddenly, Buddy had a great idea!
He called up his friends and invited them over again.
Buddy presented Pete and Wally his offer.
"Spend thirty minutes at Trunk or Treat. 
If you choose to leave,
I will go with you to the Halloween party."
Pete and Wally thought it over and agreed to the deal.
Buddy took his two friends to a church parking lot.
Pete and Wally's eyes lit up.
They noticed the parking lot 
was lit up with a huge crowd.
They saw kids line up near a row of cars.
Each car's trunk was open and fully decorated.
They went in line and watched the adults 
fill their bags with all kinds of candy treats.
Buddy, Pete and Wally sat down 
and ate hot dogs and drank soda.
They had so much fun, 
they forgot about the thirty minute deal.
When the party was over, 
Pete and Wally thanked Buddy for the invitation.
"You were right," Pete said. 
"Trunk or Treat was a lot of fun."

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Part two..................

Buddy placed his photos from last years 
Trunk or Treat on a dining room table. 
He laid out each photo side by side 
in order for his friends to see.
He looked up at the clock and noticed
his friends were due at his house any minute.
Wally and Pete walked in and 
noticed the special display.
Buddy pleaded with his friends 
to join him at the Trunk or Treat.
Wally and Pete were adamant,
 they were not coming.
Buddy handed out invitations to Pete and Wally.
Pete shook his head at his friend.
"All my friends told me not to go," Pete replied.
"They say it's not a Halloween party.'
Buddy glared at Pete in disbelief.
"What makes anything 
a Halloween party?" Buddy asked.
"Well," Pete thought for a moment, 
" I guess when you go door to door for treats."
Buddy became agitated,
 "I think Halloween is about receiving candy."
"Yeah," Pete replied, "but you don't call it Halloween."
Buddy sighed. "What's the difference what's it called."
Buddy pointed out the fun activities
 at the Trunk or Treat event.
But Wally and Pete didn't change their mind.
"We're going to a Halloween party," Wally announced.
Pete and Wally decided to go home.
Buddy sat down and dropped his head on a pillow.
He stared at the invitations laying on the couch.
"I wish my friends would go with me."
TO BE CONTINUED....................  

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Trunk or Treat

Buddy checked his mail box 
and found he received some mail.
He opened the envelope and pulled out an inviatation
to a special party called TRUNK OR TREAT.
Buddy pulled out his photo album and glanced at all the
pictures taken at the last years event.  A smile spread 
across his face when he recalled last years celebration.
Buddy's favorite teacher Miss Upshaw 
invited him to his first TRUNK OR TREAT.
 Buddy arrived at the church parking lot and
 noticed a row of cars fully decorated
 Inside their trunk was filled with lots of candy. 
He walked up to the first car 
and a family of four greeted him. 
They took turns and dropped treats into Buddy's bag.
His eyes lit up when he noticed there was plenty of
chocolate bars. Music filled the air while Buddy was
served hot dog and a drink. Buddy watched a pumpkin
carving contest and participated in several crafts.
Buddy was so happy he made 
new friends and won several prizes.
 When Buddy turned to the last page of his photo album, 
he noticed there was something missing.
Buddy's two best friends were not there.
He wondered if Pete and Wally would join him this year?
To be continued.....................

Saturday, October 3, 2015

In Memory of Kerri

We talk about the best times,
 we had with our friend.
We think those days,
 just go on and on and never end.
But when we see that friend,
we dearly love pass away.
Then, those best of times are gone
 and we're all left astray. 
Sometime soon, we'll meet again, 
somewhere in time when life is new.
When peace and love will reign again,
and all our dreams will come true.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Happy Birthday

We're throwing a party,
it's going to be great.
Your friends are here,
it's time to celebrate.
Bring out the cake,
and grab the drinks too.
Let's begin this party,
by singing to you.
We light up the candles,
and let out a big shout.
All the candles are lit,
can you blow them out?
Slice up the cake,
it's a chocolate treat.
Bring out those plates,
let's start to eat.
The party is not over,
there's so much to do.
We have a surprise,
there's always something new.
You have greeting cards,
so plenty to see.
There's also some presents,
what could it be?
With music and laughter,
and some games too.
Let's enjoy this fun,
this party is for you.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

House That Mom Cleaned

This is the house, that mom cleaned.

This is the cat, that lived in the house, that mom cleaned.

This is the dog, that chased the cat, that lived in the house, that mom cleaned.

This is the girl, that roused the dog, that chased the cat, that lived in the house, that mom cleaned.

This is the boy, that bumped the girl, that roused the dog, that chased the cat, that lived in the house, that mom cleaned.

This is the bowl, filled with cream corn, that splattered the boy, that bumped the girl, that roused the dog, that chased the cat, that lived in the house, that mom cleaned.

This is the baby, dressed adorn, that knocked the bowl, filled with corn, that splattered the boy, that bumped the girl, that roused the dog, that chased the cat, that lived in the house, that mom cleaned. 

This is the dad, tattered and torn, that fed the baby, dressed adorn, that knocked the bowl, filled with corn, that splattered the boy, that bumped the girl, that roused the dog, that chased the cat, that lived in the house, that mom cleaned.

This is the neighbor, who blew the car horn, that scared the dad, tattered and torn, that fed the baby,dressed adorn, that knocked the bowl, filled with corn, that splattered the boy, that bumped the girl, that roused the dog, that chased the cat, that lived in the house, that mom cleaned.

This is the mom, tired and worn, that waved at the neighbor, who blew the car horn, that scared the dad, tattered and torn, that fed the baby, dressed adorn, that knocked the bowl, filled with corn, that splattered the boy, that bumped the girl, that roused the dog, that chased the cat, that lived in the house, that mom cleaned.

This is the family, who had sworn, to wash the floor, in the house that mom had cleaned.