Friday, September 22, 2023



It took me many years,

before I realized.

God didn't create me,

just to survive.

So now I know,

as long as I'm alive.

It's God's will,

for me to thrive.

It took some time,

to give up my ways.

And serve the Lord,

rest of my days.

Instead of my desires,

that was done in vain.

I live for the Lord,

it's eternal life I gain.

It was a matter of time,

that I would know.

By reading God's word,

my knowledge would grow.

I would be fruitful,

and abide in him.

And only God's desire,

would flow within.

Friday, September 15, 2023



No more searching,

no more wandering.

No more darkness,

no more sadness.

I found my Savior,

he had been waiting.

For me to seek him,

so I started praying.

I came before him,

and I repented,

For sins I committed,

and I was forgiven.

It was my Savior,

who set me free.

Now the Holy Spirit,

resides in me.

I'm born again, 

old self is gone.

No slave to sin,

no heart of stone.

I'm so happy,

that Jesus saved me.

So now I'm living,

for my Savior.

Friday, September 8, 2023



Take it to the Lord,

and say a prayer.

Tell him how you feel,

he really does care.

Make your requests known,

tell him every detail.

Help is on the way,

he will never fail.

Take it to the Lord,

he's our heavenly Father.

He's bigger than your problems,

there's no one greater.

Every time you pray,

give thanks to the Lord.

He will listen to you, 

like he said in his word.

Take it to the Lord,

he's always with you.

Go ahead and ask him,

what you need to do.

He knows everything,

especially what's ahead.

Spend time with him,

believe what he said.

Friday, September 1, 2023



There's people in the bible,

who succeeded or failed.

Some were always faithful,

while others disobeyed.

Our actions have consequences,

so we obey then.

We have a free will,

but it's wrong to sin.

There's choices we make,

we feel it's right.

If it's against God's word,

then it's not alright.

We need to be careful,

in what we do.

When the bible says it's wrong,

it's a sin in God's view.

And God is faithful,

in what he said.

No matter what others say,

we listen to God instead.

So one thing that matters,

we need to learn.

What God has spoken,

we obey his word.

Friday, August 25, 2023



You are the potter,

I am the clay.

Because of you,

I was wonderfully made.

Created for a purpose,

a plan for me.

With your divine guidance,

and help from thee.

You are the shepherd,

I am the sheep.

There's nothing I lack,

because your blessings I reap.

Great are you, Lord,

and mighty are your deeds.

You're able to do,

more than I ask or need.

You are the vine,

and the branch is me.

Apart from you,

I can do nothing.

You're my guiding light,

you direct my path.

You are my Savior,

and more than that.

You're Lord of lords,

and King of kings.

You are my refuge,

you are my everything.

I stand in awe,

you still amaze me.

With your everlasting love,

and your great mercy. 

Friday, August 18, 2023



You search for answers,

you search for truth.

It's in the bible,

for us to view.

You search about hope,

you find it's there.

In Lamentations 3:25,

seek him while he's here.

You search for assurance,

it's in God's book.

In Romans 8:28,

so take a look.

You search about help,

there's a verse for you.

Read Psalm 91:14,

there's more scriptures too.

You search about wisdom,

look no further.

Read James 1:5,

ask God our Father.

You search about faith,

the bible tells us.

In Galatians 2:16,

someone you can trust.

You search about salvation,

read John 3:16.

Jesus died for us,

for sins God foreseen.

Read Hebrews 13:5,

a promise to remember.

The words he said, 

will stand forever. 

Friday, August 11, 2023



Let's talk about God's love,

and his amazing grace.

And about the cross,

where Jesus took our place.

And also the time,

he brought me out of darkness.

And even the moment,

I received his forgiveness.

When we call upon Jesus,

he's able to save completely.

He gave his life for sinners,

even a sinner like me.

Not because I deserved it,

but who he is.

He's a merciful God,

it's important to know this.

I found my Savior,

by reading God's word.

I share my story,

so you can learn.

What he did for me.

he'll do for you.

Repent of your sins,

and you'll be saved too.

Friday, August 4, 2023



We have a reason to live,

and a purpose to fulfill.

All part of God's plan,

to do God's will.

It's a role we're given,

whether large or small.

This is our time,

to give it our all.

So the things we do,

and the words we say.

We make it our goal,

to honor our Lord today.

So we begin each day,

we open up our heart.

We do everything in love,

let this be the start.

We have a purpose,

the bible makes it clear.

Even where we are,

God put us there.

The work we do,

is part of God's plan.

He has equipped us,

for the task on hand.

It's all by design,

this great opportunity.

To honor our Lord,

with our God given ability.

So now it's time,

we give it our best.

We do it for the Lord,

and we'll be blessed.

Friday, July 28, 2023



I start every day,

I say a prayer.

For family and friends,

and people everywhere.

For health and needs,

and troubles they face.

I turn to God,

and his amazing grace.

I start every day,

with this in mind.

I serve the Lord,

be helpful and kind.

I read the bible,

both day and night.

I obey his words,

and do what's right.

I start every day,

what I'm thankful for.

For blessings I received,

from my Savior Lord.

For food and essentials,

and the provisions too.

For help and guidance,

what I need to do.

I start every day,

a choice I make.

Bring glory to God,

in the actions I take.

To encourage everyone,

in the words I say.

And be a blessing,

 and make a difference today.

Friday, July 21, 2023



It was God who said,

"love one another."

Since God loves us,

we should love each other.

We can't love God,

and then hate someone.

So if we love God,

we should love everyone.

It was God who said,

"wait for the Lord."

Our prayer will be answered,

according to his word.

God has a plan,

it will never fail.

For the Lord's purpose,

he will always prevail.

It was God who said,

for us to obey.

The message is clear,

what he did say.

God is the authority,

what's wrong or right.

It's not to ignore,

to change or fight.

It was God who said,

"never will I leave you."

And he also promised,

to help us too.

He reminded us,

"be still and know I'm God."

The power of his words,

it can't be stopped.

Friday, July 14, 2023



For this I pray,

a promise I can say.

To serve the Lord,

to love and obey.

For this I know,

that wherever I go.

It will always be,

God is with me.

For this I believe,

what I face today.

I rely on God,

to lead the way.

For this I desire,

to do God's will.

I make this pledge,

I want to fulfill.

For this I'm thankful,

I'm blessed indeed.

I'll go and share,

to those in need.

For this I commit,

that on each day.

I read the bible,

I'll sing and pray.

Friday, July 7, 2023



If you love God,

then you will obey.

And if you're obedient,

then certainly you'll pray.

If you pray continually,

you'll read his word.

If you study it daily,

you'll know the Lord.

If you know him,

you'll repent of your sin.

If you're remorseful,

you'll be forgiven.

If God forgave you,

his Spirit dwells within.

If the Spirit is in you,

you'll be born again.

If you were made new,

you'll share God's word.

If you share his message,

they'll know the Lord.

Then you did your part,

with the task you got.

That's when you know,

that you love God.

Friday, June 30, 2023



Our concept of God,

is often not big enough.

And it all begins,

with his unfailing love.

The bible reveals God,

and what he means to us.

When we know him,

it's a God we can trust.

Our God is gracious,

but God is also just.

He gave us commandments,

so obedience is a must.

God is also patient,

he's rich in mercy.

God is also holy, 

he had no beginning,

God is always present,

no matter where we go.

There's nothing that's hidden,

our every thought he knows.

The depth of his knowledge,

we could never comprehend.

He knows everyone's life,

from beginning to end.

God is full of grace,

faithful to his word.

God is also sovereign,

he is our Lord.

Our God is almighty,

that's who he is.

So it's very important,

we all know this.