Friday, July 31, 2020

Hidden Tragedy

Just never knew the feelings you had inside.
Until they told me the reason why you died.
Lord only knew all the tears you cried.
I just wish you could have confide.
All those feelings you were trying to hide.
Remember there is life beyond the pain.
Sad to say these words are all in vain.
At times life is cruel, I don't know why?
I can only say, it's no reason to die.
Knowing now what you went through back then.
I wish I could help you my friend.
Now I pray for you till the end.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

We Live For JESUS

We gather in church, with Christians around.
We listen to the word, with wonders and sound.
We read the bible and know the way.
We live for Jesus, it's our goal today.
Repent and believe, is the message they say.
To seek the Lord and learn how to pray.
We pray with the people, to forsake our sin.
We praise the Lord, when the spirit comes in.
We walk with the spirit, happy and sure.
We know our Savior, will help us endure.
Life in the spirit, is joy inside.
He dwells in us and he's our guide.
We're servant of the Lord, with bible in hand.
We preach the message, of the promised land.
We praise the Lord, whenever we can.
We wait for the day, when he comes again.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Keep The Faith

Whenever you are down,
and feeling really sad.
Even when you're ill,
and your day is going bad.
Anytime you worry,
 or have some fear.
Maybe you feel alone,
 and long for someone near.
Remember that GOD is there beside you.
He's always there to help you through.
That's a promise, he will never forsake.
Just remember to KEEP THE FAITH!
Whenever there is trouble,
or any type of pain.
Even when you struggle,
and your effort seems in vain.
Anytime there is a burden,
or even a broken heart.
Maybe there is some grief,
and you're torn apart.
Remember that GOD is there beside you.
He's always there to help you through.
That's a promise, he will never forsake.
Just remember to KEEP THE FAITH!
There may come a time,
when something goes wrong.
It seems to linger on,
and your life seems gone.
Whenever that happens,
and you're wondering what to do?
You got to believe in GOD,
and he'll help you too.
Remember that GOD is there beside you.
He's always there to help you through.
That's a promise he will never forsake.
Just remember to KEEP THE FAITH!

Friday, July 10, 2020


I saw the light that broke the darkness of my day.
The light that came from God who saved my life today.
I live the life that he has given to me for free.
The gift of life to show the love he has for me.
I pray to God for all the strength I need today.
The strength to love and care in God's loving way.
Now I look ahead and put my past behind.
And love God with all my heart, soul and mind.
I give my life to my almighty Father above.
And praise him for all his help and love.

Saturday, July 4, 2020


I have dreams like everybody else,
and hope it comes true.
I have dreams where we help each other
in everything we do.
I have dreams where there is no hate,
and everything is shared.
I dream we care for each other,
and love is always there.
I dream of a world with peace and love,
that nobody could deny.
But the only way we can do it,
is when we all give it a try.
I have dreams we gather together,
every race, child, woman and man.
To reach out as brothers and sisters,
to help whenever we can.
I dream we can achieve all this
 with love and not hate.
We reach out with open hearts,
before it's too late.
I dream of a world with peace and love
that nobody could deny.
But the only way we can do it,
is when we all give it a try.

Saturday, June 27, 2020


Up every Sunday, to church I go.
I come to worship, the God I know.
With bible in hand and a open heart.
I'm ready to sing, when the service start.
I hear the choir, when they raise their voice.
With songs of praise and joyful noise.
I join the crowd and I start to sing.
We praise our Lord, our Savior and King.
We sing more songs and clap our hands.
We sing to the music, from the worship band.
We sit right down for the homily.
We listen to the message that God loves me.
We end the service, with a prayer.
We say it aloud, to the God who cares.
For we come together in one accord.
We show our devotion to the Lord.

Saturday, June 20, 2020


It was the day before Father's Day.
Toby was excited, he was going to the
bookstore to buy his dad a book.
When he arrived, he saw the book on display.
"Oh Yes!" Toby shouted.
"I'm glad they didn't sell out before I came."
He rushed to the counter to pay for the book.
He pulled out his wallet 
and found his twenty dollar bill was missing.
"Oh NO!" Toby cried.
"What am I going to do now?" 
Toby left the store empty handed 
and pondered his next move.
Then Toby's eyes lit up.
"OH YES!" Toby shouted.
"I will borrow the money from my best friend."
Toby went up to his friend and shook his hand.
"I am so glad to see you." Toby proclaimed.
Buddy looked at his friend suspiciously.
"What do you need now?" Buddy asked.
Toby pleaded with his friend.
"Can I borrow twenty dollars?" Toby asked.
Buddy began to laugh.
"You still owe me money from last week."
"OH NO!" Toby wailed.
"What am I going to do now?"
Toby strolled  through  the neighborhood 
with his head hanging down
Suddenly, Toby spotted some money near a bush.
"Oh Yes!" Toby shouted.
"Now I can buy the book."
Toby scooped up the money
 and noticed it was wet.
"OH No!" Toby cried.
"What am I going to do now?"
Toby headed home and pondered his next move.
"Oh Yes!" Toby shouted.
"I will clean and dry the money."
Toby rushed back to the store 
and hoped they still had a copy.
He went up to the door
 and noticed a sign on the window.
"OH NO!" Toby wailed.
The next morning, Toby walked inside his Father's house.
"I am really sorry, I didn't get you a gift." Toby said.
His Father grabbed his son and gave him a big hug.
"Do you know what I like about this day?"
"his Father asked him."
Before Toby could answer, his dad whispered in his ear.
"Spending time with my own son," his Father added.
Tears went down Toby's face. 
"OH YES!" Toby cried.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Wild About The Bible

I'm wild about the bible,
I love to read God's book.
I find it very exciting,
every time I look.
So many great stories,
so much you can learn.
It was written for you,
in God's own word.
His word is powerful,
it can surely help you.
It contains many promises,
which are all true.
Memorize his truth,
keep it in your heart.
Read the bible daily,
it's a great way to start.
I'm wild about the bible,
I enjoy what I read.
I go through the pages,
and find what I need.
I search for a topic,
inside this holy book.
I pick out a verse,
and take a closer look.
I read about Jesus,
how he saved the lost.
It was a ultimate sacrifice,
that paid the cost.
I can rely on the bible,
and faithfully look ahead.
Because I live on the words,
that God had said.   


Saturday, June 6, 2020


Lord, please help me in my journey,
to find out my calling.
So I know you still love me,
and there's a reason for my living.
Lord, please help me in my work,
to do well in my task.
That you set before me,
with the help I ask.
Lord, please me in my mission,
to help those in need.
And to always follow you,
and to pray and believe.
Lord, please help me in my burden,
and each trial I must bear.
And give me the strength,
in time of despair.
Lord, please help me to forgive,
an act that you can see.
So when the time comes,
you will forgive me.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Imagine Your Story

Buddy is so excited, to tell everyone.
He's on the library website, to have some fun.
He discovered a place, where you can find.
A variety of books, that'll captivate your mind.
Buddy signed up, for the new summer read.
He's searching for books, that he's going to need.
With so much to choose, he couldn't pick one.
He checked out twenty and he wasn't done.
He found a great book, on a spine tingling tale.
And a non-fiction book, about a mammoth whale.
He chose a tearful story, about a long lost dog.
And a fact filled book, about a slimy little frog.
Imagine Your Story, is the summer reading plan.
Visit the library website and sign up when you can.
Don't forget to tell your friends, to take a look.
There's a great selection, so check out a book.

Friday, May 22, 2020


We take the time, to reflect on the past.
The many moments, we wish to make it last.
The times we shared, in our work and play.
The many memories, of each school day.
The times we spent, it was so much fun.
The joy of success, in the work we've done.
We look forward, to what the future may be.
All the new journeys, and all that we'll see.
We reach for our dreams, and seek new friends.
We take on the challenges, whatever life may send.
We work on our new goals, we want to achieve.
We give our best, and know we'll succeed.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

My Best Friend

       Many things come to mind, when I think of you.
       An angel you are, beautiful and friendly too.
       A rare precious jewel, who greets me with her smile.
       Plus a caring heart, that makes my life worthwhile.
       My mind is filled with joy, that you may not see.
       Only God knows, how much you mean to me.
       The angels in heaven, have witnessed first hand.
       When God blessed me, with my best friend.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Happy Mother's Day

She brings you hope, in place of fear.
She brings you knowledge, to make it clear.
She brings you love, with praise and cheers.
She lifts you up and wipes the tears.
She makes you laugh, when you're feeling sad.
She encourages you, when life looks bad.
With a caring heart and a beautiful smile.
She makes you feel, it's all worthwhile.
In times of trouble, she comes to you.
No matter what it is, she'll help you through.
So whatever you need, you will always find.
You have a mother, who is helpful and kind.