Monday, October 29, 2012

Look At This!

Since I got your attention,
I do want to mention,
I know you will agree,
What you are about to see,
Drawings that are work of art,
And it came from their heart.
So take a look at this, 
Artistry you can't miss.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's Booktacular!

Before you read something new.
Check out Buddy's Book Review.
Seven picture books you'll find,
That will dazzle your mind.
Start now by scrolling down,
Check which books Buddy found.
Today's theme is "Reading Is Fun."
Read all seven or just one.
This blog is not only spectacular.
It's Booktacular!
The Three Ninja Pigs
by Corey Rosen Schwartz  
You heard the classic story the wolf
came to town and blew the Pig's houses down.
This three pigs aren't going to take it no more.
The first pig took aikido lessons,
 the second pig took a jujitsu lessons. 
But the third pig trained
every day to master Karate.
The first two pigs neglected in their training
and they were no match for the wolf.
Pig three with her intense training
was able to save the day.
by Lisa Wheeler

If you liked Dino-soccer, Dino-hockey,
Dino-baseball, Dino-Basketball,
you'll love Lisa Wheeler's latest.
Action packed, with touchdowns,
interceptions and more in
this great illustrated book. 
Plant eating dinosaurs against
meat eating dinosaurs.
Find out who won this game at the
Lava dome on Mega Bowl Sunday.
This Is Not My Hat
by Jon Klassen 
This story excels in it's illustrations.
The pictures tells the whole story.
It details a small fish steal a hat
from the bigger fish.
The suspense builds up when the
small fish tries to evade the large fish.
The Tree That Bear Climbed
by Marianne Berkes
This rhyming text has a creative twist
to the classic "The House That Jack Built."
Instead of a house, it's the many parts of a tree.
The story builds up because a bear 
is so eager to the climb the tree.
The bear reaches the branch
that holds the honey from a beehive
Beware it has a surprise ending.
The book includes facts about plants.
Boot & Shoe
by Marla Frazee

Boot and Shoe live in the same house.
But the lovable dogs spend their days apart.
Boot enjoys the time on the back porch
while Shoe is on the front porch.
Everything suddenly changes
when the squirrel arrives.
Boot and Shoe are separated during the chase. 
They search for each other with no luck.
But this heart warming tale
has a happy ending.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Which Book?

Buddy picked up six books from the library.
He placed the books on his desk.
He sat down and pondered which book to read first.
Suddenly the first book popped up and stepped forward.
"Pick me!" cried Book one.
"Look inside, it's full of adventure."
Buddy heard another voice.
He looked up and noticed Book two staring at him.
"Don't listen to him," Book two replied.
"My book is funny, you'll laugh out loud."
The third book stood up and came forward.
"Read me!" book three said. "My book is about dinosaurs."
Book four edged forward.
"My book is better," book four proclaimed.
"You can learn about your favorite animals."
The fifth book came up and hollered, "Wait!"
"Examine mine," book five exclaimed,
"It's about your favorite hero."
The sixth book took his turn.
"Don't forget me," book six replied.
"This book is written by your favorite author."
Which book would you choose?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Picture This!

These drawings may be homemade,
but there is a message for you.
That every boy and girl can draw, you can too.
You can expect this blog will always display,
Every drawing that a child sends this way.
When you look at this work of art,
Remember this, it came from their heart.

Drawings from Daniela M. & Erica S. & Miranda K.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Book Review Time!

Get out your paper and pen,
And jot down these great books again.
You know it's Buddy's Book Review,
Seven new picture books for you.
So scroll down and take a look,
Today's theme is Go Read A Book.
by Jane Manning
Millie was rather short and plain, hardly anyone noticed her.
She was tired of being overlooked. Millie became fierce.
She took on a new personality that everyone observed.
But her outrageous acts turned people off.
Her behavior caused another student to cry.
Millie felt so bad, she drew a Birthday card
and gave to the student who cried.
She went out of her way to do good deeds.
She felt so good, she decided,
a good deed is better than being fierce.
by Jen Hill
Percy's life changed when the family bought a new dog.
Tum Tum's received all the attention.
He received the Pet of the year award.
Percy was jealous, he decided to do something about it.
Percy snipped off Tum Tum's hair.
His scheme did not work, the people loved Tum Tum's new look.
Percy realized it was Tum Tum's personality
and not the hair that people loved.
Percy gave himself a haircut too, just like Tum Tum.
Percy became Tum Tum's new friend.   
by David Ezra Stein 
Because Amelia smiled, her neighbor smiled too.
It inspired the neighbor to send a package
of cookies to her grandson.
The grandson was inspired so he taught a class
a new song with their dance.
A ballet club saw the video and they were inspired too.
They performed a new recital before a large crowd.
A little girl in the audience was inspired
that she wanted to become a dancer.
The tale of good deeds continued
until the domino effect came back to Amelia
who smiled again.
by Brian P. Cleary
You get to explore the Dewey decimal system
by reading this an entertaining rhyming text.
You will enjoy this great adventure that
you will be able to track down any book.
You can find books on dinosaurs
in the 500's section.
You'll search for books on sports in the 700's section.
You'll have a blast learning this whole system. 
by Janet Morgan Stoeke
In a Loopy Coop farm,
Midge, Dot and Pip watch the truck when it drives away.
Where does it go, asked Dot.
Out in the world, Pip answered.
Pip had the courage to find out.
She hid in the back of the truck.
She waits and hears a loud noise.
Pip thinks he is going for a ride.
This funny story will have you laughing in the end.