Wednesday, February 24, 2021



I heard her voice yesterday on a recording again.

The sweet voice that came from my dear friend.

I stare at her photo and wonder why did it end?

I could only imagine what might have been.

My tears are words my heart can't express.

She was tormented and suffered in duress.

A sweet caring person with a big heart.

She had a pain that tore her apart.

I'm filled with anguish that I can't rid of.

My life is shattered I lost the one I loved.

My dear friend is gone after all those years.

I'm left with a photo and a pool of tears.


Wednesday, February 10, 2021



What am I going to do, 
where do I go?
When will you answer me,
 I want to know.
I want to do your will,
 and do it your way.
I'm waiting patiently,
 and hope it's today.
I don't want to be a spectator,
 not even a doormat.
I'm looking for a purpose,
 and not only that.
I want to serve you,
 and help others too.
Obey your commands,
 and live my life for you.
I deny myself,
 and take up the cross.
Whatever I gained,
I now consider loss.
I'll give you my best, 
in everything I do.
I promise to be faithful,
 and always honor you. 

Friday, February 5, 2021



She's a sweet, charming lady,

with a big heart inside.

She's always looking pretty,

and she's a friend of mine.

You can see it in her smile,

and the words she would say.

You will know it by her kindness,

that she shows every day.

You can feel it in your heart,

in the joy she would bring.

She welcomes me in her home,

my heart wants to sing.

You can see she really cares,

in everything she would do.

She always took the time,

to help me get through.

You can see she is friendly,

ready to help me again.

The message is quite clear,

that she is my friend.