Thursday, December 26, 2013

What do I need ?

We unwrapped our Christmas presents,
we are happy with the gifts we received.
Now it's time to reflect on the year of 2013.
Is it possible there is something missing?
Some essential that you long to have or do.
What would it be?
We are not talking about money or possessions,
but something vital for your life.
Read the following poem and ask yourself,
if you need the seven essentials I posted.
TIME, that is what I need is time,
To live this life and leave my past behind.
SMILE, that is what I need and it can be done,
To put on a smile and show it to everyone.
LOVE, that is what I need in my heart,
To embrace this feeling right from the start.
FRIEND, that is what I need is a friend,
Someone who will be there till the end.
PRAY, that is what I need to do is pray,
To seek the Lord and call on him today.
PEACE, that is what I need is peace within,
I can find it when I let God come in.
LIFE, that is a gift I know is mine,
All I need to do is let it shine.

Friday, December 20, 2013

It's Christmas

The word became flesh on the very night.
When the shepherds saw the beautiful sight.
It was our Savior Jesus who was born.
He came from heaven in the early morn.
It was that night when salvation had begun.
When God had sent his beloved Son.
He came down to save us from our sin.
We could surely see God's love within.
He died on the cross for our sake.
So that our bondage of sin would break.
So every Christmas we recall that day.
When we proclaim that it's Jesus birthday.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Just a Kid

She stands at the line with her heart pounding fast.
It's the game winning point, her chance at last.
The crowd looks on, as they patiently wait,
She is ready to serve, this moment could be great.
A serve over the net and the team could win.
A thrill and hope that she holds in.
She hits the ball and it flies through the air.
There's a groan from the coach, the ball hits a chair.
The coach jumps up and said she is done.
Tears fill her eyes, it's no longer fun.
She's just a kid, who signed up to play.
So give her a chance, don't take it away.
Keep this in mind and don't ever forget.
She's just a kid, not a pro yet.

Friday, October 18, 2013

If you're a writer.......

If you're a writer and you know it,
click your pen.
If you're a writer and you know it,
click your pen.
It you're a writer and you know it,
then you should always write.
If you're a writer and you know it,
click your pen.
If you finished your book and you know it,
say wah-hoo.
If you finished your book and you know it,
say wah-hoo.
If you finished your book and you know it,
then you need someone to edit.
If you finished your book and you know it,
say wah-hoo.
If your book is good and you know it,
say cha ching.
If your book is good and you know it,
say cha ching.
If your book is good and you know it, 
then you should write a query letter.
If your book is good and you know it,
say cha ching. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Ten Writers

Ten wacky, witty writers,
all had a dream.
To publish a book,
hard it may seem.
They submitted their story,
for an editor to read.
But which witty writer  
will be able to succeed?
First writer wrote a tale,
that included a swine.
But his story was weak,
so now there's only nine.
Second writer wrote a memoir,
she thought it was great.
But her story lacked emotion,
so now there's only eight.
Third writer was confident,
he wrote book on heaven.
But he did no research,
so now there's only seven.
Fourth writer wrote poetry,
it's not part of the mix.
Guidelines state no poems,
so now there's only six.
Fifth writer wrote a book,
on how to stay alive.
But he sent no query,
so now there's only five.
Sixth writer wrote on adventure,
places you can explore.
She misspelled editor's name,
so now there's only four.
Seventh writer wrote on nature,
about places you can see.
But he never checked facts,
so now there's only three.
Eighth writer wrote on mystery,
but she had no clue.
She received a rejection,
so now there's only two.
Ninth writer wrote on travel,
places you can have fun.
His book was never edited,
so now there's only one.
Tenth writer read WRITERS DIGEST,
to find what publishers need?
She followed all the steps and
she was able to succeed.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Second Chance

I could have been your friend,
but I treated you so bad.
Now I am so ashamed,
I was so angry and mad.
I could have been your friend,
if I treated you like one.
I realize I was wrong,
I'm sorry for what I've done.
If only I had another chance,
I would treat you so good.
I would shower you with love,
the way I should.
I could have been your friend,
and helped you too.
I wish I had a second chance,
I would be nice to you.

Friday, September 6, 2013

A clever salesman ?

Chuck owns a grocery store.
He put up a sign on the window,
'Tomatoes 25 cents a piece, three for a dollar.'
The first customer walked in and complained.
"That's not fair!" the young lady said.
"I should get four tomatoes for a dollar."
Chuck quickly apologized and provided the
customer, four tomatoes for a dollar.
The second customer walked in
and made a big fuss about it.
"That sign can't be right" he said,
"it should be four instead of three"
Chuck agreed with the old man and
sold him four tomatoes for a dollar.
Chuck's friend, Doug stood nearby
and watched the whole episode.
He pulled Chuck aside.
"Aren't you forgetting something?" Doug asked.
"You should correct the mistake on the sign."
"What mistake?" Chuck bellowed.
"Before the sign was up," Chuck said. 
"customers only bought one tomato."


Friday, August 9, 2013

L is for Library

et's read a book, it can be fun.
f only we can find the right one.
ooks can be found on a library shelf.
ead anything you like, pick one yourself.
ll the books that you can choose.
eally depends on what you can use.
ou know you got nothing to lose.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Friends in need

Give a smile, give a hand.
Give some love to a friend.
Give some comfort, give some care.
Give some joy where it's rare.
Give some peace, go say Hi.
Share this moment to the shy.
Say a prayer, wipe a tear.
Greet someone with a cheer.
Take this time when you can.
Give some hope till the end.
Give a smile, give a hand.
Give some love to a friend.

Friday, July 19, 2013

What will I Be ?

My grandpa was a preacher.
My grandma was a teacher.
My dad is a bookseller.
My mom is a storyteller.
But what will I be?

My neighbor is a beautician.
My uncle is a technician.
My aunt is a physician.
My brother is a musician.
But what will I be?

My cousin is magician.
My nephew is an electrician.
My niece is a mathematician.
My friend is an pediatrician.
But what will I be?

If I had to choose today.
I know what I would say.
Since it's really up to me.
It's a writer that I want to be.

Friday, June 28, 2013

God Loves You !


Inside this gigantic universe, there is an enormous milky way.

Inside this enormous
milky way, there is
a massive planet earth. 

On that massive planet earth, there is a huge town.

Inside this huge town, 
there is a large house.

Inside this large house,
there is a big room.

Inside this big room,
we find you.

It was God
who created you.
He set you inside 
this gigantic universe,
with a special message,


Friday, June 21, 2013

Laugh with Pete

Q:   Why did the soccer player bring string to the game?
A:  To tie the score.

Q:  Why did it take you so long to complete a lullaby?
A:  It kept putting me to sleep.

Q:  Why did the monster eat at the North Pole?
A:  He wanted a frozen dinner.

Q:  Why is there a moth in my soup?
A:  The fly must be on vacation.

Q: Why did the waitress walk all over the pizza?
A:  Because the customer told her to step on it.

Q:  Why did the nurse fail in art class?
A:  She could only draw blood.

Q:  Why did the math teacher take a ruler to bed?
A:  She wanted to see how long she slept.

Q:  Why did the girl put on lipstick during class?
A:  The teacher was giving a make-up test.

Q:  Why did the principal marry the janitor?
A:  Because he swept her off her feet.

Q:   Why is there a dead spider in my soup?
A:  Because they aren't very good swimmers

Q:  What happens when you don't clean your mirror?
A: You get a dirty look.  

Q: Why did the soccer ball quit the team?
A:  It was tired of getting kicked around.

Q:  Why did the softball player take her bat to the library?
A:  Her teacher told her to hit the books.

Q:  Why did the girl bring a jump rope to school?
A:  So she could skip the test.

Q:  Why did the student eat a dollar bill?
A:  His mother told him it was for lunch.  

Friday, June 14, 2013


If troubles and burdens come your way.
It's easy to get down and give up today.
You get discouraged, you made a mistake.
You failed again with so much at stake.
Unfortunately times can be tough.
The road you take can be rough.
If you have a desire that's filled with fire.
You keep going with all the knowing.
You'll find good times are ahead.
So focus on these words instead.
Your precious life did not end.
Today you can still try again.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Got a Story ?

You start to imagine it.
Now you can outline it.
Then you can write it.
You have to revise it.
Make sure you edit it.
Now you can post it.
Don't forget to blog it.
Then you can twitter it.
Now you want to submit it.
So you have to query it.
Go ahead and send it.
You succeed in publishing it.
Now you can sell it.
Tell your friends to buy it.
They all love to read it.
Now you can believe it.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Eggy loves to read.

Illustration by Daniela Martinez

Eggy burst into the kitchen, 
he darted past his mother.
"Where are you going, son?"
"I'm off to the library," Eggy replied. 
"Today starts the summer reading program."
Eggy is greeted at the door by the librarian.
"I'm looking for a special book,"
Eggy declared. The librarian
directed him to the picture book area.
Eggy searched through shelf after shelf
for a great book. Buddy came along
carrying a handful of books.
"Check out the fairy tale section." said Buddy. 
"They are all classics." 
"Great books indeed," Eggy said.
"But I'm looking for a new book to inspire me."
Eggy walked over to the next aisle and
scanned the whole section.
Cathy strolled by carrying 
a bag full of books.
"You should get a book about a cat that sings,"
Cathy suggested. "It's going to be a classic."
"Great book," Eggy agreed. 
"But I'm looking for something that is inspirational."
Eggy went over to the non-fiction area.
Wally stood nearby and greeted his friend.
"Get a book about sharks," Wally suggested.
"The photos are awesome."
"They are great," Eggy answered.
"But I need a book to enlighten me."
Eggy continued to search down every aisle.
Pete walked past carrying a stack of books.
"Try the poetry section," Pete suggested. 
" There is a great collection of poems to choose."
"Poetry is great," Eggy agreed.
"But I'm looking for a book to motivate me."
Eggy decided to check out the new released section.
He browsed through the whole area and his eyes lit up.
He caught a glimpse on a brand new book written by Henry. 
"There it is!" Eggy cried. "The book I want to read."
It's Henry's first published book, 'THE INNER LIGHT.'
Buddy, Cathy, Pete, Wally & Eggy recommend Henry's book.
Get your copy today.
Visit his website:

Friday, May 24, 2013

Dig Into Reading


Buddy is so excited to tell everyone.
He's going to the library to have some fun.
He discovered a place where you can always find.
A variety of books that will captivate your mind.
Buddy was on hand, for the new summer read.
He's looking for books, that he's going to need.
With so much to choose, he couldn't pick one.
He pulled out twenty, and he wasn't done.
He found a great book, on a spine tingling tale.
And a non-fiction book, about mammoth whale.
He read a tearful story, on a long lost dog.
And a fact filled book, about a slimy little frog.
Dig into Reading, is the summer's reading plan.
So visit the library and sign-up when you can.
Bring along a friend and take a good look.
There's a great selection, so check out a book.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Check this out !

The search is over, no longer to wait.
On a new website, that is just great.
You can buy t-shirts, with characters too.
Check out the sizes, we have one for you.
You can also get, Henry's new picture book.
Type in and take a look.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Henry's first book !

THE INNER LIGHT is a heart-warming
story about a lively young boy, grieving 
the loss of his loving grandfather.
Driven by a divine message and 
an unusual gift he receives.
Jimmy begins searching for answers
and comes to understand that
no one is alone in their sorrow.
It is something we all share,
in one way or another.
When the answer is revealed,
Jimmy discovers the true nature
of his grandfather's life and
his own role to play as the
torch is passed from one
generation to the next.  

Check out his website:

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Henry's first book is published,
I can't wait to see.
It must be a masterpiece,
I wonder what it could be.
Is it a new fairy tale,
or a dog that can sing.
Maybe a story with a twist,
or laughter it can bring.
The anticipation is high,
I can hardly wait.
One thing I'm certain,
his book will be great.
IT'S ONLY $10.00

GO to

Friday, April 26, 2013


I know I said the words I can't,
not once but countless more.
When you think about it,
you said those words before.
The thoughts we carry,
are from what we heard.
Nothing is achieved,
when it's a negative word.
The moment I say I can't,
those words take me down.
It never lifts me up,
or turn my life around.
It may become a habit,
and even sometimes a chant.
But I should never ever say,
the two words, I can't.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Ballad of Volleyball Team

Volleyball is my favorite sport.
I love to play on the court.
To bump a ball and try to set,
To jump, spike and play the net.
Beyond any glory or fame,
I love to play this game.

They toss the ball high and hit it over the net,
When the ball comes back, they are ready to set.
They bump the ball high and set for the spike,
And hit it over the net, with all there might.
Bump, set and spike, they know how to do,
They try their best and have some fun too.
They call for each ball, that comes their way,
They dive for the ball, to keep it in play.
They hit the ball and keep it in bounds,
They are ready to set and slam it down.
They work as a team and play so good,
They play this game, the way you should.
They play so hard, it shows in the game,
They are the best, (your team) is their name.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Wild About The Bible

I'm wild about the bible,
I love to read God's book.
I find it very exciting,
every time I look.
It's more than stories,
it's lessons you can learn.
It was written for you,
in God's own word.
His word is powerful,
it can surely help you.
It contains many promises,
which are all true.
Mediate on his word,
keep it in your heart.
Read the bible daily,
it's a great way to start.
I'm wild about the bible,
I love what I read.
I go through the pages
and find what I need.
I search for a topic,
inside this holy book.
Then I pick out a verse,
and take a closer look.
I read about Jesus,
how he saved the lost,
It was an ultimate sacrifice,
that paid the cost.
I can rely on the bible,
and faithfully look ahead.
Because I live on the words
that God had said.