Thursday, December 31, 2020



My heart is still grieving,

for my friend who died.

I can't stop mourning,

even though I tried.

It's so hard to endure,

with each passing day.

In a time of sorrow,

that won't go away.

It feels like I died

but the pain is still alive.

I'll do anything I can,

just so I can survive.

Will my grieving heart heal,

it's hard to tell.

One thing I do know,

it hurts like hell.

Monday, December 28, 2020

Memories Of CJ


Those days are gone, 

those years still shine.

Those memories remain, 

for a friend of mine.

From the first day, 

when we just met.

To the last day, 

I'll never forget.

All those years, 

we spent together.

We were happy, 

the best times ever.

l stop and think,

 about my friend.

I ask myself, 

why did it end?

Those times of fun, 

those times of laughs.

Those times of love, 

those days have passed.

Those days are gone, 

those years still shine.

Those memories remain,

for a friend of mine.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020


Feeling all alone and no one I can see.
Real friend I need, someone close to me.
I can think of many times I could use a friend.
Even those times when life seems to end.
Nothing I can do to change anything.
Despite all my pleas, I am lonely as can be.

Friday, December 18, 2020



I cry for love I never had,

even when I was a little boy.

I dream many times about love,

that would make life a joy.

There's many days I see that love,

and I ask myself why not me?

I spend those days all alone,

and no one to see.

Is there any life for me to live,

if there is no friend.

I say many times there isn't,

and I wish someone would come again.

Friday, December 4, 2020

ABC's on Salvation


All of us have sinned and gone astray.

But there is hope for us here today.

Call on our Savior Jesus when you pray

Do this now and he will lead the way.

Ever since the moment Jesus came.

Faith reminds us to believe his name.

God sent his Son to save you and me.

He died and rose again to set us free.

If there is one message we need to hear.

Jesus gave a promise to always be near

Keep this in mind whatever you do.

Leave it in his hands and he will help you.

More you know him, the message is clear.

No love is greater than what he did here.

On that wooden cross he showed his love.

Part of a plan that was from God above.

Query minds there can be no doubt.

Repent of your sins, there is no way out.

Salvation is found, so be sorry for your sin.

This moment now, your new life can begin.

Until he returns, let us not forget.

Victory is for those who are already set.

With Jesus help in the life he gave.

X is marked to those who are saved.

You know this message that you have heard.

Zealous hearts are needed to spread the word.