Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What I Need?

The hustle and bustle we encounter each day. We struggle and find ourselves in a losing battle.
Then one day someone comes along and asked you, "What do you need?"
You quickly respond, "Money!"
But the stranger asked you a second time, "What do you need?" You realized he asked you about something more significant that touches your very soul. You ask yourself,  how do I respond. Your mind goes blank. He asked you a third time, "What do you need?" You feel embarrassed, you don't know how to answer his question. So you walk away with your head hanging down.
Read the following poem and then ask yourself, "What do you need?"

TIME, that is what I need is time.
To live this life and leave my past behind.
SMILE, that is what I need and it can be done,
To put on a smile and show it to everyone.
LOVE, that is what I need in my heart,
To embrace this emotion right from the start.
FRIEND, that is what I need is a friend,
Someone who will be there till the end.
PRAY, that is what I need to do is pray,
To seek the Lord and call on him today.
PEACE, that is what I need is peace within,
I can find it by letting God come in.
LIFE, that is a gift that I know is mine,
All I need to do is let it shine.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Make A Difference

2011 is coming to an end.
Before the start of the new year.
People tend to look back and decide to make changes for 2012.
They come up with a New Year Resolution.
It can be anything,
Better mood, eat less food,
Exercise more, do a chore,
make a new friend, lend a hand,
worry less, clean your mess,
write a letter, eat a lot better.
Focus on one and get it done.
My New Year Resolution, is to Make a difference.
The following poem hangs on my bedroom wall.

I live this day with an open mind.
I wear a smile and show that I am kind.
I give some love and help someone too,
I got to believe it's the right thing to do.
Make a difference, that is my goal,
Part of my life and in my soul.
I want to help every day I live,
And do my best in what I give.
I live this life to do my part,
I reach out with an open heart.
I make this promise, I'll be there,
To lend a hand and show I care. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Night B4 Christmas

It's Christmas eve, Tommy, Joe and Mindy are decorating the living room. Mom and Dad left the house to pick up the presents at Grandma's. The three kids planned to purchase a present for their parents while they were gone. They stopped at a store for the perfect gift. "So what are we getting mom and dad?" Tommy asked. "How about this," Joe pointed to the window display. Mindy shook her head, "we're running out of time, we better find something soon." Joe found a cat on display made out of porcelain.
They all chipped in and paid for the gift. The three kids ran home to wrap the present. Tommy and Mindy fought on who should wrap the gift. They tugged back and forth holding on to the cat. "Let me do this," Mindy cried. Tommy shouted back, "No, I want to do this." Immediately, both Tommy and Mindy fell to the floor. All three kids watched the porcelain cat shatter in pieces. "Now, look at what you did," Tommy shouted at Mindy. Mindy started to cry, "it's not my fault." She ran upstairs and slammed the door. Joe and Tommy quickly cleaned up the mess. "What are we going to do?" Tommy asked. Joe stared at the clock and sighed, "It's too late," Joe said, "mom and dad will be home soon." Mindy called Uncle Ted on the phone. She told him the dilemma all three kids were in. "Don't worry about anything," Uncle Ted said, "I will take care of it." Mom and Dad came through the door carrying presents. Joe and Tommy helped their parents place all the gifts under the tree. "Where is Mindy?" Mom asked. Joe and Tommy looked at each other. "She's taking a nap." The door bell rang  and Uncle Ted arrived. He asked the kids to help him unload the presents from his car. Mindy came down the stairs and helped move the presents under the tree. "I can't stay," Uncle Ted said, "but I will be back at midnight." The three kids went upstairs to put together a handmade Christmas card. "I'm sorry I yelled at you," Tommy said to Mindy.  "I'm sorry too," Mindy replied. They worked together to make the special card for their parents. The clock struck midnight, the kids ran down the stairs and sat on the floor near the tree. The parents stood back and watched all three kids eyes light up the moment they opened each gift. "Thanks Mom and Dad," all three kids shouted together. They took turns and hugged their parents. "Let's sit down and read about the first Christmas," Dad announced. Mindy raised her hand and volunteered to read from the bible. Before they settled down to rest, Dad noticed there was one more present behind the tree. He picked up the gift and saw it was marked for Mom and Dad from the kids. All three kids stood in shock. They whispered to each other, "how could it be?"  Mom opened the present and found a porcelain cat inside. "Thank you, kids," Mom replied, "this is a special gift." The kids wondered where it came from.  "You must have spent all your savings on it," Dad said. "Ah, Yeah," Joe replied, "we're broke, tell them Mindy." Mindy stared at Joe, "we have no money left." Tommy announced it was a shattering experience. Uncle Ted finally came back to join the family in a sing along. They walked toward the couch when Mindy stopped Uncle Ted along the way. "Thanks, Uncle Ted," Mindy said, "please don't tell anyone." "It will be our secret," Uncle Ted said. Mindy gave him a big hug.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tell Me A Joke!

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Jo King
Jo King who?
You must be joking.

Waiter, Waiter, this food tastes funny
Then, why aren't you laughing.

Why didn't the skeleton go to the Christmas party?
Because he had no Body to go with.

Why did the singer climb up the ladder?
To reach the high notes.

Why are you staring at the frozen can of orange juice?
Because it says Concentrate.

Why is it hard to win at sports in the jungle?
Because too many cheetahs.

I'm here to tune your piano.
But I didn't call you.
No, but all your neighbors did.


There are twenty people in the store.
The last five made a purchase and left the building.
Three more people walked in and one lady left
without making a purchase and another man went next door.
How many people are in the store?


Change the numbers 1 & 12 to the first letter in the word Mistletoe.
Change the number 2 to the fourth letter in the word Friends.
Change the numbers 3,4 & 8 to the second letter in the word Presents.
Change the number 5 to the sixth letter in the word Family.
Change the number 6 to the first letter in the word Cards.
Change the number 7 to the first letter in the word Home.
Change the number 9 to the sixth letter in the word Caroling.
Change the numbers 10 & 14 to the ninth letter in the word Relatives.
Change the number 11 to the first letter in the word Tree.
Change the number 14 to the sixth letter in the word Decorations.

_  __   __  __  __  __  __  __  __   ___  ___  ___   ___  ___
1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9     10    11    12    13    14

Monday, December 5, 2011

Words To Remember.

                There are three little words that you could say,
            That will bring joy to someone each day.
            The best three little words you will ever know,
            Believe in these words and let it show.
            The power of these words we may not always see,
            But it can touch the heart of someone close to thee.
            It can create a feeling that is precious to our heart,
            Strengthen the bond that no one could take apart.
            We leave our mark on each word we say,
            Words that will effect the ones we see each day.
            So the best thing you could ever say or do,

            Say these three little words I LOVE YOU.

Friday, December 2, 2011


Pete was wrapping Christmas presents when Buddy walked in. He leaned over to see Pete sign each card with the words, "Happy Holidays." Buddy shook his head in disbelief. He snagged a chair and plunked down beside his friend Pete. "What season is this?" Buddy asked him.  "It's Christmas season," Pete quickly answered. Buddy stood up and folded his arms and glared at Pete. "Then why are you sending cards with the words, Happy Holidays on it?" "Because everyone does it," Pete replied.  "No, No, No," Buddy cried out, "It's Merry Christmas!" But Pete defended his actions. "Look around, " Pete responded back, " it's everywhere."
Buddy then posed three questions to Pete. "Do you say Happy Holidays on Fourth of July," Buddy asked him. "Do you say Happy Holidays on Thanksgiving Day," Buddy continued. "Or do you say Happy Holidays on Easter," Buddy added. Pete found himself speechless. He walked  back to the table and tore up the cards. He pulled out a new card and signed it, Merry Christmas. He taped the card to a Christmas  present and  handed it to Buddy. Buddy's eyes lit up, He quickly thanked his friend for the gift. Pete smiled back and said, "Merry Christmas, my friend."