Friday, February 24, 2023



I look inside my home,

I see everything I own.

But one day will come,

this will all be gone.

Nothing I can keep,

so I think about this.

What did I accomplish,

is this what life is?

It's more than possessions,

or what I can gain.

So I should never do,

what's done in vain.

I know there is more,

and not just for me.

Now the question is,

what could it be?

The earth has nothing,

that I desire,

There's something better,

than anything I can acquire.

I find it's Jesus,

and he's been waiting.

With his open arms,

he said "abide in me"

I trust in him,

and embrace his plan.

He changed my life,

 only one who can.

So I live for Jesus,

I have all I need.

With a new purpose,

now I can proceed. 

Friday, February 17, 2023



Let's open our arms,

let's open our heart.

Let's start right now,

and do our part.

We can reach out,

and do a good deed.

We can lend a hand,

to help someone in need.

Send a greeting card,

to show you care.

You can visit someone,

when no one else is there.

Even a warm embrace,

will do something good.

Or surprise a neighbor,

and do some handiwork.

Our words can be cheerful,

the way we say hello.

You can say I love you,

to someone you know.

An act of kindness,

in the things we do.

Is seen by God,

who will bless you.  

Friday, February 10, 2023



Inside the bible,

is God's own word.

It was written for us,

so we can learn.

By reading the scriptures,

we come to understand.

That God created us,

we're part of his plan.

When we study the bible,

we find who God is.

His words can help us,

it's important to know this.

Then we discover,

what we need to do.

So read the bible,

and pray to God too.

Inside the bible,

it contains God's word.

There are bible verses,

we need to learn.

We can start with,

John three-sixteen.

There's only one way,

his words can mean.

God provided the way,

to save everyone.

And salvation is found,

in God's own Son.

So everyone should read,

God's point of view.

By this we'll know,

we can be saved too.

Friday, February 3, 2023



Take the time,

to say a prayer.

To our savior Lord,

whose always there.

He promised us all,

he'll never walk away.

So go right ahead,

and pray to him today.

Take the time,

give thanks to God,

For his amazing grace,

that we all got.

All his blessings,

so many to declare.

All his provisions,

we see everywhere.

Take the time,

to help those in need.

So we glorify the Lord,

for any good deed.

Let our good works,

where love is shown.

That what we do,

we make Jesus known.

Take the time,

to read God's word.

God speaks to us,

so we can learn.

His purpose and plans,

that includes everyone.

So what he said,

it will be done.