Friday, February 3, 2023



Take the time,

to say a prayer.

To our savior Lord,

whose always there.

He promised us all,

he'll never walk away.

So go right ahead,

and pray to him today.

Take the time,

give thanks to God,

For his amazing grace,

that we all got.

All his blessings,

so many to declare.

All his provisions,

we see everywhere.

Take the time,

to help those in need.

So we glorify the Lord,

for any good deed.

Let our good works,

where love is shown.

That what we do,

we make Jesus known.

Take the time,

to read God's word.

God speaks to us,

so we can learn.

His purpose and plans,

that includes everyone.

So what he said,

it will be done.

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