Sunday, August 29, 2021



I'm wild about the bible, I love to read God's book.

I find it very exciting. every time I look. 

So many great stories, so much you can learn.

It was written for you, in God's own word.

His word is powerful, it can surely help you.

It contains many promises, which are all true.

Memorize his truth, keep it in your heart.

Read the bible daily, it's a great way to start.

I'm wild about the bible, I love what I read.

I go through the pages and find what I need.

I search for a topic, inside this holy book.

I pick out a verse and take a closer look.

I read about Jesus, how he saved the lost.

It was an ultimate sacrifice that paid the cost.

I rely on the bible and faithfully look ahead.

Because I live on the words God had said.


Thursday, August 26, 2021



The pressure is on you, you're holding it inside.

You don't know what to do, so you want to hide.

No matter what it is, there's something you can do.

There's always a way, if there is a will inside of you.

We all have failed, it's not something new.

You can learn from it, it may help you too.

Every road you take, every choice you make.

When you look back, you've made a mistake.

There will be setbacks, even times you'll worry.

It's time to slow down, no need to hurry.

So don't give up, your life didn't end.

It's time to get up, you can try again.

Friday, August 20, 2021



I'm planning a surprise,
 for my best friend.
I'll get her a card,
 which I'll send.
With a special message, 
But that's not enough, 
what else can I do?
I'll make a batch,
 of her favorite tea.
Then I'll go,
 on a shopping spree.
I'll change the mat,
 on her door.
Now I'm ready,
 to do more.
Then I heard her voice, 
she had a surprise.
A home cooked meal,
 and then I realized.
It's our anniversary, 
it's time to celebrate.
And thank the Lord,
for this has been great. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2021



I relied on my feelings, they're catered for my mind.

But without you Jesus, it always leaves me blind.

I am a slave to sin, I'm in a serious bind.

If I don't come to you, then I'll never find.

I come as a sinner, I won't try to hide.

The way to be saved, only you could provide.

If I ignore my sins, then I'll fail to see.

There's nothing I can do that will save me.

When I'm with you, you revealed my sin.

It was a humbly moment, it was hidden within.

When I hurt someone, I also hurt you too.

When I don't obey you, I don't love you.

Love your enemies, it's something I knew.

If I still hate someone, what good did I do?

I'm sorry for my sin and you'll forgive me.

I need to do the same and forgive my enemy.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

It's Better to Give.....................


Give a smile, give a hand.

Give some love to a friend.

Give some comfort, give some care.

Give some joy where it's rare.

Give some peace, go say Hi.

Share this moment to the shy.

Say a prayer, wipe a tear.

Greet someone with a cheer.

Take this time when you can.

Give some hope till the end.

Give a smile, give a hand.

Give some love to a friend.

Give some peace, go say Hi.

Share this moment to the shy.

Say a prayer and wipe a tear.

Greet someone with a cheer.

Take this time when you can.

Give some hope till the end.

So give a smile, give a hand.

Give some love to a friend.

Give a smile, give a hand.

Give some love to a friend.

Thursday, August 12, 2021



I start my day with Jesus, who comes to my aid.

I belong to my Savior, it's my choice I made.

I pull out my bible, it's time to read.

It's about Jesus, who I really need.

There's a bible verse that I should know.

Jesus is with me, no matter where I go.

There's my old self, I don't need it anymore.

I say goodbye to it and show it the door.

Please help me now, to draw me closer to you.

Create a new heart and cleanse my soul too.

My past is behind me and I look ahead.

Now I'm born again and old self is dead.

Then I can't explain it, but my heart is new.

There's a new self too, what am I going to do?

I end my day with Jesus, because he matters to me.

I sing a song of praise, I thank him for everything.

Monday, August 9, 2021



My lonely days I dread.

My feelings were always sad.

My sister wrote me a letter.

She prayed I would get better.

My heart became alive.

I was going to survive.

But how could that be?

She was thinking of me.

My lonely days are over.

I'm no longer a loner.

She wrote me a letter.

Now I'm feeling better.

My heart began to stir.

I was thinking of her.

There's something I can do.

I can tell her I LOVE YOU!

Friday, August 6, 2021



Another day goes by, 

and she's alone again.

Where is her family ,

or even her close friend?

She's crippled and in pain, 

where are you?

Is there anything important, 

or better to do?

She's tired and weary, 

and in constant fear.

Your presence will help her, 

but you're not here.

Did you call her today, 

she's lying in bed.

So cancel your plans, 

go see her instead.

How does she feel, 

is she ill or did she fall?

You'll never know, 

if you don't visit or call.

Are you coming, 

is it yes or no?

She's waiting for you, 

so please go.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021



I'm still torn apart, 

since the moment God revealed.

All my hidden sins, 

they were for real.

I bowed down in shame, 

I was a slave to sin.

 I asked for forgiveness, 

so my new life can begin.

I need a new heart, 

and what I should be.

And I deny myself,

 because it's not about me.

Jesus is my savior,

 I will always proclaim.

I'll do everything,

to glorify his name

I start my day,

 and I put God first.

I seek the Lord,

 like I'm dying for thirst.

I pull out my bible,

 I study his word.

When I hear a sermon,

 I remember what I heard.

Etched in my heart, 

I believe God's word is true.

They are for my life,

 I know what to do.

I rely on the Lord,

 and go out the door.

God is with me,

 and now I can do more.