Saturday, November 29, 2014

Help a Friend

Give a smile, give a hand.
Give some love to a friend.
Give some comfort, give some care.
Give some joy where it's rare.
Give some peace, go say HI.
Share this moment to the shy.
Say a prayer, wipe a tear.
Greet someone with a cheer.
Take this time when you can.
Give some hope till the end.
Give a smile, give a hand.
Give some love to a friend.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


They smile and cheer,
they have so much fun.
They run and catch,
they play with everyone.
They wiggle and twist,
they're funny in all they do.
They skip and jump,
they ride their bikes too.
They see and touch,
they always look around.
They yell and scream,
 they make so many sounds.
They giggle and laugh,
with old friends and new.
They fight and fall,
they get dirty too.
They have so much fun,
they are a joy to see.
They are the ones, 
that bring out the kid in me.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Book Award


Henry has received another book award.

KART Kids Book Award.

by Henry Porada

Get your copy today.You can purchase his book at:

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Just Do It

   GOALS  -------Achieve it 

      FAITH-------Act on it  

   LIFE ------Live it


LOVE   --------Give it

SMILE-------        Show it

RESOURCES------         Share it

HOBBY --------           Discover it

RELATIONSHIP------           Develop it

TEMPTATION------          Forsake it      

OBSTACLES ---------               Overcome it    

 FAULTS---------          Admit  it

  VOLUNTEER---------           Provide it

MONEY ------    Donate it

CHURCH  -------        Visit it

LAUGHS---------     Partake in it

CAREER ---------       pursue it

PRAY-----------     Just Do it.

DREAMS---------      Fulfill it

ATTITUDE --------      Improve it

FORGIVENESS  --------     Practice it

TIME ----------      Don't waste it

FREEDOM---------     Enjoy it.

OPPORTUNITY ------   Seize   it

HEALTH------       Work on it.

BIBLE------       Read it.

TEN COMMANDMENTS------       Obey it

GOD'S PROMISE------        Count on it.

Read it, remember it, understand it,teach it, focus on it.GO AHEAD AND USE IT!