Thursday, January 26, 2023



It's love and not hate,

that we need today.

It's love that unites us,

and not go astray.

It's love and only love,

that will show kindness.

It's only through love,

when there is forgiveness.

It's love and not hate,

that displays compassion.

It's more than just words,

it's love in action.

They're patient and understanding,

and thoughtful too.

It's love and only love,

that will help you.

It's love and not hate,

that promises are not broken.

It's love and only love,

when kind words are spoken.

It's love that says,

life is worth living.

It's only through love,

that's selfless in giving.

Friday, January 20, 2023



Under the soil,

and under the grass.

Lies the body, 

of old man Cass.

Just before he died,

he was forgiven.

He loved Jesus,

and now he's in heaven.

Under the tombstone,

marked with his name.

Lies the body,

who gave up his fame.

He believed in Jesus,

and obeyed God's command.

God took him home,

into his promised land.

Under the ground,

and beside the grave.

Lies the body,

my best friend Dave.

He was well known,

for his candor and integrity.

He repented for his sins,

he's in heaven for eternity.

You may have plans,

for what lies ahead.

But you don't know,

if you'll be alive or dead.

Soon it'll take place,

this will all end.

So repent to Jesus,

and you'll be forgiven.

Friday, January 13, 2023



Let's use our time,

to do God's will.

Let his light shine,

and his purpose fulfilled.

Let our mission be,

we serve God above.

Let's tell everyone,

about his awesome love.

Let our focus be,

what God has planned.

Share the good news,

so they will understand.

Penalty for sin is death,

but because of God's grace.

We may obtain salvation,

when Jesus took our place.

Let's finish our work,

and continue to teach.

Pray for the ones,

that we will reach.

Tell about our Savior.

in every speech.

So everyone will hear,

it's Jesus we preach.

Friday, January 6, 2023



Our past failures,

never hinder God's ability.

God can use us,

even during our adversity.

Even when we're weak,

and we find no rest.

That's when we find out, 

God does his best.

When we encounter troubles,

it may look grim.

But our God is powerful,

so we rely on him.

Then we will see,

how great God is.

It brings God glory,

and he deserves this.

During our painful trials,

it will surely reveal.

How we view God,

and if our love is real.

We can allow our trials,

to make us bitter.

Or let God help,

to make you stronger.

These are the times,

we need to understand.

It's about God's will,

and his perfect plan.

Then we will see,

how great God is.

It brings God glory,

and he deserves this.