Wednesday, July 25, 2018


I can tell my heart,
that God plays a part.
To fulfill my needs,
right from the start.
So there is no doubt,
he will help me out.
I know he can,
for he's got a plan.
I can tell my soul,
that God has a goal.
To change me now,
to make me whole.
To forgive my sin,
let his spirit come in.
To guide me each day,
each step of the way.
I can tell my mind,
I am not really blind.
I just got to believe,
what he said to me.
That when the storms arise,
I just got to realize.
Even though I can't see,
he's watching over me.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

My Best Friend

Many things come to mind,
when I think of you.
An angel you are,
beautiful and friendly too.
A rare precious jewel,
who greets me with her smile.
Plus a caring heart,
that makes my life worthwhile.
My mind is filled with joy,
that you may not see.
Only God knows,
how much you mean to me.
The angels in heaven,
witnessed it firsthand.
When God blessed me,
with my best friend.

Saturday, July 14, 2018


You live, dream and think,
on what you want to be.
You choose, plan and try,
for the goal you want to see.
With past, present and future,
in time will really show.
Through work, sweat and tears,
you reach for your goal.
You love, help and share,
the only way to live.
With kindness, care and aid,
the way you ought to give.
You greet, console and comfort,
with the words you impart.
You call, write and visit,
you open up your heart.
You laugh, joke and chuckle,
and cheer the one whose sad.
You smile, hug and hold,
when things go bad.
With words, prayer and praise,
you help someone through.
With love, care and share,
the way you ought to do.
You learn, know and teach,
you try to help each day.
To live, laugh and love,
and give your best today.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Where is Frank ?

Hank wanted to thank
his best friend Frank
for the piggy bank.
But where is he?
Where could Frank be?
Hank went to the park
and asked his friend Mark.
"I think, he's at the gym."
He was talking with Tim
Tim shook his head
"Maybe he's with Ted."
"I have no clue,
you can ask Sue."
Hank checked it all.
He even asked Paul.
"But where is he?"
Where could Frank be?
Hank decided to turn back.
That's when  he asked Jack.
"He's not over here."
"He could be anywhere."
"Did you check the mall?"
"He might be with Saul."
"I am so sorry, Hank."
I have not seen Frank?
"But don't you worry."
"You can ask, Murray."
This story has a happy end.
Because Hank found is friend.
So there goes Hank.
Carrying his piggy bank.
Off to see his friend Frank
Who's at the bank.