Saturday, December 20, 2014

The First Christmas

The word became flesh, on that very night.
When the shepherds, saw the beautiful sight.
It's our Savior Jesus, who was born.
He came from heaven, in the early morn.
It was that night, when salvation has begun.
When God has sent, his beloved Son.
He came down, to save us from our sin.
We could surely see God's love within.
He died on the cross for our sake.
So that our bondage of sin would break.
So every Christmas, we recall that day.
When we proclaim that it's Jesus Birthday.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

What Do You Need ?

We live in a hectic world.
We struggle to keep up with all the tasks before us.
We find ourselves in a losing battle.
Then one day someone comes along
and ask you, "WHAT DO YOU NEED?"
You quickly respond, "Money!"
But the stranger ask you a second time,
"What Do You Need?"
You realized, he asked you about
something more significant.
You ask yourself, "How do I respond?"
Your mind goes blank. You feel embarrassed.
You don't know how to respond.
You walk away with your head hanging down.
Read the following poem and then 
ask yourself, "What Do You Need?"

TIME, that is what I need is time.
To live this life and leave my past behind.
SMILE, that is what I need and it can be done.
To put on a smile and show it to everyone.
LOVE, that is what I need in my heart.
To embrace this emotion right from the start.
FRIEND, that is what I need is a friend.
Someone who will be there till the end.
PRAY, that is what I need to do is pray.
To seek the Lord and call on him today.
PEACE, that is what I need is peace within.
I can find it by letting GOD come in.
LIFE, that is a gift I know is mine.
All I need to do is let it shine.


Sunday, December 7, 2014

What Season Is This ?

Pete was wrapping Christmas presents
 when Buddy walked in.
He leaned over to watch Pete
 sign each card with the words;
Buddy shook his head in disbelief.
He snagged a chair and
 plunked down beside his friend Pete.
"What season is this?" Buddy asked him.
"It's Christmas season," Pete answered.
Buddy stood up and folded his arms and glared at Pete.
"Then why are you sending cards
 with the words, Happy Holidays?"
"Because everyone does it." Pete replied.
"No, No No!", Buddy cried out.
But Pete defended his actions.
"Look around," Pete responded.
"It's posted everywhere you go."
Buddy posed two questions to Pete.
"Do you say Happy Holidays on Thanksgiving Day?"
"Do you say Happy Holidays on Easter?"
Pete found himself speechless.
Pete walked back to the table and tore up the cards. 
He pulled out new cards and signed each one;
Pete taped one card to a Christmas present
and handed it to Buddy.
Buddy's eyes lit up.
He thanked Pete for the gift.
Pete smiled back and said,