Friday, March 29, 2013

Wild About The Bible

I'm wild about the bible,
I love to read God's book.
I find it very exciting,
every time I look.
It's more than stories,
it's lessons you can learn.
It was written for you,
in God's own word.
His word is powerful,
it can surely help you.
It contains many promises,
which are all true.
Mediate on his word,
keep it in your heart.
Read the bible daily,
it's a great way to start.
I'm wild about the bible,
I love what I read.
I go through the pages
and find what I need.
I search for a topic,
inside this holy book.
Then I pick out a verse,
and take a closer look.
I read about Jesus,
how he saved the lost,
It was an ultimate sacrifice,
that paid the cost.
I can rely on the bible,
and faithfully look ahead.
Because I live on the words
that God had said.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Let's Hear it for books !

The news is out, it's quite a fuss.
About a book review for all of us.
Check out the genre, it's a picture book.
So scroll right down and take a look.
Seven great books that are brand new.
We are so thrilled to share it with you. 
by David Slonim

It's a sweet and silly rhyme about love.
When monsters love, it's actually loathing.
A great spin on 'Guess How Much I Love You.'
You won't get all mushy when you 
read what monsters loathe. 
Try stinky sweaty socks, garbage in a dump.
Any monster lover will enjoy the last line,
"Go to sleep my little brute." 
by Jon Agee
A taxi driver picks up a strange man
who asks to be taken to Schmeeker street.
There is no such street in New York city,
but on the other side of town.
This comical twist to what you 
would find in New York.
It's Spankees not the Yankees,
spotholes not pot holes.
You read along and find silly names
of places and things that you can
find only on the other side of town.
by Dan Yaccarino
Doug, a robot gets plugged in because
his parents want him to be smart.
The robot gets downloaded every morning
with information he needs to learn.
But Doug unplugs himself 
and goes out on a adventure.
The robot learns amazing things along the way.
A great story to send a message to all the
children, go out and discover the world.
by David Conway
 Big Bad Wolf had enough 
with the three little pigs.
So he set off for a relaxing fairy tale.
The wolf runs from page to page
in search for the right tale.
The wolf finds himself in
rather uncomfortable situations.
Wearing ball gown in Cinderella,
climbing a beanstalk and 
encountering a giant.
After a big mess-up, he escapes
the pages of the fairy tales.
The wolf returns to a familiar place.
Back with the three little pigs.
by Leo Timmers
Mr. Renny is a very good artist.
But no one wants to buy his paintings.
He's hungry and he has no money.
A stranger came along and offered
to make Mr. Renny's paintings become real.
He got his wish, he painted 
everything he wanted in his life.
But Mr. Renny no longer wanted 
his wishes come true.
He just wanted to paint.
by Katherine Pryor
by Monica Kulling

Friday, March 15, 2013

Ten Picture Books

Ten new Picture Books sit on a shelf.
You're invited to come and pick one yourself.
Buddy came up first, he stood in line.
He boldly grabbed one, now there's only nine.
Tiffany took her turn, she could hardly wait.
She decided on one, now there's only eight.
Wally loved the library, he called it heaven.
He chose his favorite, now there's only seven.
Peter filled with glee, looked at the mix.
He found his favorite, now there's only six.
The frenzy went on, Mandy next to arrive.
She picked one out, now there's only five.
Miranda walked in next, she wanted to explore.
She grabbed her favorite, now there's only four.
Erica got her chance, a moment to see.
She found her favorite, now there's only three.
Three picture books left, each one brand new.
Until Joshua took one, now there's only two.
Michelle saw the ruckus, she joined the fun.
She took her favorite, now there's only one.
Jody had no choice, only one to choose.
She grabbed the last, a book she can use.
The librarian had noticed the shelf had none.
She placed ten more, you can choose one.

Friday, March 8, 2013


It's not fun to be pouty,
I rather be silly.
It's not fun  to be grumpy,
it's better to be funny.
It's not fun to be crabby,
I like to be zany.
It's not fun to be grouchy,
I rather be happy.
It's not fun to be moody,
it's better to be cheery.
It's not fun to be angry,
I like to be friendly.
I don't want to miss,
A life full of bliss.
So I will try this,
Instead of being crabby,
I am gonna be happy.

Friday, March 1, 2013

I Love Kids

They smile and cheer, 
they have so much fun.
They run and catch,
they play with everyone.
They wiggle and twist,
they're funny in all they do.
They skip and jump,
they ride their bikes too.
They see and touch, 
they look around.
They yell and scream,
they make so many sounds.
They giggle and laugh,
with old friends and new.
They fight and fall,
they get dirty too.
They have so much fun,
they are a joy to see.
They are the ones,
that bring out the kid in me.