Friday, May 29, 2015

Every Hero Has A Story

Buddy is so excited, to tell everyone.
He's going to the library, to have some fun.
He discovered a place, where you can always find.
A variety of books, that will captivate your mind.
Buddy was on hand, for the summer read.
He's looking for books, that he's going to need.
With so much to choose, he couldn't pick one.
He took out twenty and he wasn't done.
Buddy found a great book, on a spine tingling tale.
A non-fiction book about a mammoth whale.
He read a tearful story on a long lost dog.
And a fact filled book on a slimy little frog.
Every Hero Has A Story, is the summer's reading plan.
So visit the library and sign up when you can. 
Bring along a friend and take a good look.
There is a great selection, so check out a book.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

SC Book Festival

South Carolina Book Festival
was held May 16th and 17th
at the Columbia Convention Center.
A large crowd shopped at this event.
Henry sold his two children's picture books.
Henry also sold his popular t-shirt.
It was a huge success! 
A special thanks to Jody Martinez
for her assistance during the big event.
Thank you to all who visited the festival.
Take a look at some photos from the event.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Are You Happy ?

Life can be so much fun.
If you know how it's done.
You can do this one part.
If you open up your heart.
So if you really know how.
You can do this right now.
Put a smile on your face.
Every time you go someplace.
Share it to everyone you know.
Then your gloomy day will go.
When your smile comes out.
There can be no doubt.
When you do this one thing.
It will make your heart sing.
Put all your fears to rest.
And make you feel the best.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Ballad 4 Moms

She brings you hope, in place of fear.
She brings you light, to make it clear.
She shows you love, with praise and cheers.
She lifts your heart and wipe the tears.
She makes you laugh, when you're feeling sad.
She cares for you, when life looks bad.
With a loving heart and a friendly smile.
She makes you feel, it's all worthwhile.
In times of trouble, she comes to you.
She calms you down and helps you through.
So whatever the need, you will always find.
You have a mother, who is helpful and kind.