Sunday, August 30, 2015

Let's Go To The Library

I can hear you now, what's all this fuss.
I found a place, that's great for us.
It's awesome, it's spectacular, 
it'll put a smile on your face.
It's remarkable, it's sensational,
it's a huge place.
It's not a bookstore, that you need to go.
But another place that you'll get to know.
When you walk in, you can quickly see.
Plenty of books, for you and me. 
So no matter what you choose,
it's going to be fun.
Let's go to the library and pick out one.

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Smile at your mailman, smile at the cook.
Smile at your neighbor, don't just look.
Smile at your teachers at your school.
Show everyone that smiling is cool.
Smile at the barber, smile at your kin.
Smile at the painter, don't hold it in.
Bring out your smile for everyone to see.
Smile to those who are close to thee.
Smile at the gardener, say a little Hi.
Smile at the doctor, don't be shy.
Wear a smile like the morning sun.
Show the world how it's done.
So walk to the park or any other place.
You can put a smile on everyone's face.
So take a little stroll and say Hello.
And share your smile, wherever you go.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Wild About The Bible

I'm wild about the bible,
I love to read God's book.
I find it very exciting,
every time I look.
It's more than stories,
it's message you can learn.
It was written for you,
in God's own word.
His words are powerful,
it can surely help you.
It contains many promises,
which are all true.
Mediate on his word,
keep it in your heart.
Read the bible daily,
it's a great way to start.
I'm wild about the bible,
I love what I read.
I go through the pages,
and find what I need.
I search for a topic,
inside this holy book.
Then I pick out a verse,
and take a closer look.
I read about Jesus,
how he saved the lost.
It was an ultimate sacrifice,
that paid the cost.
I can rely on the bible,
and faithfully look ahead.
Because I live on the words,
that God had said.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Toby Loves To Read

Toby took a trip to the library.
His eyes lit up as soon as he walked in.
He walked over to the  children's picture book area.
Toby searched shelf after shelf for a special book.
Buddy came along carrying a handful of books.
"Check out the fairy tale section," said Buddy.
"You'll find plenty of classics."
"Great books indeed," Toby said.
"But I am looking for a book that is inspirational."
Toby scanned the non-fiction area.
Wally stood nearby with his stack of books.
"You should get a book on sharks," Wally suggested.
"Great idea!" Toby agreed.
"But I need a book to enlighten me."
Toby continued to search every aisle.
Pete walked past carrying a cart full of books.
"Try the poetry section," Pete suggested.
"All the poem books are great," Toby admitted. 
"But I need a book to motivate me."
Toby decided to check out the new released section.
"There it is!" Toby announced.
"This is the book I want to read."
It's Henry's latest book: "BUDDY'S FUN DAY"

You can purchase his book on:

Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Trip to the Zoo

The alarm goes off and up comes the sun.
It's time to get ready, to have some fun,
You get out of bed and what do you do?
You go on a trip, to visit the zoo.
You go through the gate and what do you see?
The tiger is on the prowl and a lemur is on the tree.
You look at the elephant and the meerkats too.
You see the black bear and the flamingos in view.
Koalas are pretty cute and the baboon is on the go.
Sea lions are swimming and the turtles are slow.
You spy on the gator and the gorilla is on the grass,
You stare at the snake and the fish behind the glass.
Zebra makes you dizzy and the rhino's sitting down.
Monkey is with a baby and the lion is wearing a frown.
You spot a wild leopard and the lizard on the ground,
You find a gray goat and the cougar's running around,
The cheetah goes fast and the jackals can run.
The puma's on the move and otter's having fun.
You follow the weasel and the big horn sheep.
You come across a fox and the panda's asleep.
You watch the penguins walk and all the birds fly,
You notice the kangaroo and the bats are hanging high.
Hippo's is in the water and the giraffe is really tall.
The ostrich is eating and there's a pony in the stall.
You have seen all the animals in your visit at the zoo.
We hope you had fun and learned some thing new.
It's time to go home, we'd love to see you again.
We hope you come back and bring along a friend.