Friday, April 18, 2014

Which Book?

Toby burst into the kitchen, he darted past his mother.
"Where are you going, son?"
"I'm off to the library," Toby replied.
Toby walked over to the picture book area.
He searched through shelf after shelf for a great book.
Buddy came along carrying a handful of books.
"Check out the fairy tale section," Buddy said.
"They are all classics."
Toby decided to try the next aisle.
Cathy strolled by, carrying a bag full of books.
"You should check the non-fiction area," Cathy said.
Toby browsed through the whole section.
Wally stood nearby, and greeted his friend.
"Try the poetry shelves," Wally suggested.
Toby continued to search down every aisle.
Pete walked past carrying a stack of books.
"Try the new released section," Pete suggested.
Toby scanned the whole area and his eyes lit up.
He caught a glimpse on a brand new book written by Henry.
"There it is," Toby cried. "The book I want to read."
"It's Henry's second  book published, BUDDY'S FUN DAY!"   

Friday, April 4, 2014

Ticket To Happiness

Life can be so much fun.
If you know how it's done.
You can do this one part.
If you open up your heart.
So if you really know how.
You can do this now
Put a smile on your face.
Every time you go some place.
Share it to everyone you know.
Then your gloomy day will go.
When your smile comes out. 
There can be no doubt.
When you do this one thing.
It will make your heart sing.
Put your fears to rest.
Make you feel the best.