Saturday, January 29, 2022



I saw the light that pierced my heart,

and shattered my pride.

I was exposed for my hidden sins,

there was nowhere to hide.

I humbly came before the Lord,

I asked him to forgive me.

A merciful God and the blood of Jesus,

I was set free.

I saw the light that broke the darkness,

from my day.

The light that came from God,

who saved my life today.

My sinful nature was cast away,

my new life began.

By the grace of God and my redeemer,

I was born again.

I saw the light that shook my soul,

I was no longer the same.

By a loving God and his only Son.

my whole life was changed.

Now my darkness is behind me,

a new path is just ahead.

My old self had to go,

I have a new self instead.

Saturday, January 22, 2022



There's a battle surrounding me,

it's between love and hate.

The one I feed today,

it will soon dominate.

This conflict continues,

each day I'm awake.

It's a battle for my mind,

I have a choice to make.

I carry the armor of God,

I won't give in to anger.

I'm equipped with what I need,

that helps me from danger.

It's a spiritual warfare,

according to God's word.

I'm convinced God will help me,

it's a promise I'm assured.

Saturday, January 15, 2022



This is the day, we love to see.

In the house of the Lord, a place to be.

Brothers and sisters, will come this way.

We gather together, to worship today.

We hear the music, from the band.

We start to sing, we raise our hand.

We praise the Lord, we sing a song.

We honor the Lord, when we sing along.

We clap our hands and we sing again.

We raise our voice and we shout amen.

This is the day, a day to rejoice.

We glorify the Lord, with joyful noise.

Saturday, January 8, 2022



Let's gather together and lift up our voice.

This is our moment, a time to rejoice.

Our Lord and Savior, we worship and praise.

We see his good works, in his wonderful ways.

It's not hard to find, you see it every place.

His abounding love, his mercy and grace.

Many souls are saved, the blind can see.

They're all forgiven, they're all set free.

The cross is a reminder, for what he's done.

The ultimate sacrifice that came from God's Son.

There's nobody like him, we honor him every day.

We believe God's word, Jesus is the only way.

Saturday, January 1, 2022



God gave one life to me and you.

One voice to spread the good news.

Two hands to give a helping hand.

One heart to love and understand.

Each second to help us on our way.

And provide us with all we need today.

So give your best in every way you can.

God wants you to lend a helping hand.

God gave one life to me and you.

One voice to spread the good news.

One smile to cheer the lonely heart.

One Holy Spirit to help us do our part.

Each day to live with a prayer and a song.

And all his help and love to make us strong.

So give your best in every way you can.

God wants you to lend a helping hand.