Thursday, December 31, 2020



My heart is still grieving,

for my friend who died.

I can't stop mourning,

even though I tried.

It's so hard to endure,

with each passing day.

In a time of sorrow,

that won't go away.

It feels like I died

but the pain is still alive.

I'll do anything I can,

just so I can survive.

Will my grieving heart heal,

it's hard to tell.

One thing I do know,

it hurts like hell.

Monday, December 28, 2020

Memories Of CJ


Those days are gone, those years still shine.

Those memories remain, for a friend of mine.

From the first day, when we just met.

To the last day, I will never forget.

All those years we spent together.

We were happy when life was better.

I often stop and think of my friend.

I ask my Savior why did it end?

Those times of fun, those times of laughs.

Those times of love, those days have passed.

Those days are gone, those years still shine.

Those memories remain, a close friend of mine.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020


Feeling all alone and no one I can see.
Real friend I need, someone close to me.
I can think of many times I could use a friend.
Even those times when life seems to end.
Nothing I can do to change anything.
Despite all my pleas, I am lonely as can be.

Friday, December 18, 2020



I cry for love I never had,

even when I was a little boy.

I dream many times about love,

that would make life a joy.

There's many days I see that love,

and I ask myself why not me?

I spend those days all alone,

and no one to see.

Is there any life for me to live,

if there is no friend.

I say many times there isn't,

and I wish someone would come again.

Friday, December 11, 2020



I bow my head and I start to pray.

I ask the Lord to help me today.

I know he can help, I really believe.

I can call him for everything I need.

So every morning before I start.

I pray to the Lord with an open heart.

Then something happens, I can't explain.

I raise my voice and praise his name.

I get this feeling I need to stand.

I take this moment to raise my hand.

I feel his presence and I start to sing.

I thank you Lord for what you bring.

I pull out the bible and start to read.

The promise he made, he will always lead.

So each day I live, I hold on to this faith.

I can go on with every step I take.

Friday, December 4, 2020

ABC's on Salvation


All of us have sinned and gone astray.

But there is hope for us here today.

Call on our Savior Jesus when you pray

Do this now and he will lead the way.

Ever since the moment Jesus came.

Faith reminds us to believe his name.

God sent his Son to save you and me.

He died and rose again to set us free.

If there is one message we need to hear.

Jesus gave a promise to always be near

Keep this in mind whatever you do.

Leave it in his hands and he will help you.

More you know him, the message is clear.

No love is greater than what he did here.

On that wooden cross he showed his love.

Part of a plan that was from God above.

Query minds there can be no doubt.

Repent of your sins, there is no way out.

Salvation is found, so be sorry for your sin.

This moment now, your new life can begin.

Until he returns, let us not forget.

Victory is for those who are already set.

With Jesus help in the life he gave.

X is marked to those who are saved.

You know this message that you have heard.

Zealous hearts are needed to spread the word. 

Friday, November 27, 2020



I often thank the Lord for watching me every day.
Never gone for a moment, even when I walk away.
I often thank the Lord for he heard my every prayer.
Every time I need him, he promised he'll be there.
I often thank the Lord that he heard my every cry.
He took away this shame that I always had inside.
I often thank the Lord for the life he gave for free.
Never judged me for my sins but he surely loves me.
I often thank the Lord for providing what I need today.
And each and every blessing that will come this way.

Thursday, November 19, 2020



My day has come, where it's hard to cope.
My mind is searching, where there is hope.
My heart does ache, for perfect love.
So then my soul, seeks God above.
My day goes bad and I'm feeling down.
My mind is lost, from pacing around.
My heart beats fast, in face of fear.
So then my soul, seeks God who's near.
My day is filled, with trial and error.
My mind is cluttered, with burdens I bear.
My heart is troubled, when no one cares.
So then my soul, seeks God who's there.
My day goes by, with so much stress.
My mind is looking, for peace and rest.
My heart is weary and hurting too.
So then my soul, calls out to you.

Friday, November 13, 2020



Down Broad River Road, I prayed to you.

That my burden was heavy, please help me through.

I called you Lord, to have mercy on me.

Help a wretched sinner, who's making this plea.

High above in heaven, you heard my cry.

You found me wandering and hurting inside.

You reached out in love and touched this soul.

By taking my life and making me whole.

Down Broad River Road, I prayed to you.

That my troubles never cease, what can I do.

It's so hard to bear, the problems that are there.

So I look to you and offer this prayer.

Help me overcome, the obstacles I face.

Guide me with your spirit, empowered by your grace.

You took my hand and helped me on the way.

Down a narrow path that led me to this day.

So any road I take, I can say a prayer.

I know in my heart, that you are there.

I can count on you, to be my guide.

Good times or bad, you're at my side.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020



I'm writing you this note,

 even though it's too late to send.

When I could have written this note,

 way back then.

I could have written the words

 to say how much I care.

And find the words to say,

 that I'll always be there.

I could say to you,

 you're the best friend I know.

And send a card to say,

 that I will never let you go.

I wish I could go back in time,

 to do what I didn't do.

And say the things,

 like the words I LOVE YOU.

There were times I put off, 

on the words that I should say.

Until I find out it's too late,

 and you passed away.

I'm writing you this note,

 a message from my heart.

I wish I wrote this note,

 right from the start.

Monday, November 9, 2020



It's a whole new day, so I look ahead.
I read the bible, on what you said.
It helps me now, in promises you made.
I know you're here, to come to my aid.
It's a whole new day, it's time to pray.
I call on you, to lead the way.
Create a new heart and heal my pain.
I make this plea, in your holy name.
It's a whole new day, I pray to you.
To bless me now, in all I do.
In all my work, I ask you too.
To give me strength, to make it through.
It's a whole new day, I say this prayer.
I thank you Lord, for being there.
You know my need and care for me.
That's why I love, to pray to thee.

Friday, October 23, 2020



I feel the tension mounting,
 every second of every day.
The stress overwhelms me,
and nothing goes my way.
I lost my favorite job,
and my options are very few.
I lost my best friend,
what am I going to do?
Starting over was never easy, 
it never was meant to be.
It's always a time of learning,
and not a time of harmony.
My bills keep piling,
and all my cupboards are bare.
I reached out to others,
but no one really cares.
I lost another car,
and all my possessions too.
Here I am starting over,
at the age of sixty-two
Starting over was never easy,
it never was meant to be.
It's always a time of learning,
and not a time of harmony.
So I fix my eyes on Jesus,
I know he's always near.
He can take away my sorrows,
and cast away my fears.
I place my hope in Jesus,
even when life looks grim.
He promised to help me,
I know I can trust him. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2020



For all the cards and gifts, that came my way.

For all the times you called, you brighten my day.

For all the laughs, chats and the times we prayed.

For the birthday surprise and the games we played.

For all those times we shared back then.


For all the home cooked meals you shared.

For all the notes you wrote, to say you cared.

For all the kindness and compassion you've shown.

For all the times you made me feel right at home.

For all those times we shared back then.


For all the holidays, anniversaries and birthdays too.

For all the trips to church, I was always with you.

For all the doctor visits, dining and shopping at a store.

The times we put up a Christmas tree and so much more.

For all those times we shared back then.


Monday, October 19, 2020



                     Goals                       Achieve It

                     Faith                        Act on it

                     Life                           Live it

                     Talent                      Use it

                     Love                        Give it

                     Smile                       Show it

                     Food                        Share it                            

                     Faults                      Admit it

                     Volunteer               Provide it

                     Money                    Donate it

                     Church                   Visit it

                     Career                   Pursue it

                     Pray                         Do it

                     Forgiveness         Practice it     

                      Time                  Don't waste it

                     Opportunity           Seize it

                      Health                  Work on it

                  Ten Commandments     Obey it

                      Bible                         Read it

                     God's Promises        Believe it

Saturday, October 17, 2020



So many days have come and gone.
But the memories of you is still strong.
From the first day when we just met.
To the last day I will never forget.
You're the most caring person I ever knew.
I will remember you.
I look through the photographs and see.
How wonderful it use to be.
All the things we use to do.
All the places we went to.
Our love for each other grew.
I will remember you.
Day and night I see your face.
Moments of love you can't erase.
We became best friends.
Our love seem to have no end.
Until God called you home. 
I will remember you.

Saturday, October 10, 2020



All the times you helped me.

All the food you shared.

All the things you did for me.

You showed you really cared.

My times with you I treasure,

more precious than real gold.

Those times we prayed together,

those memories I'll always hold.

My times with you were splendid,

I thank God every day.

Those memories keep me going,

they'll never fade away.

My times with you were special,

we were happy as can be.

Those times we ate together,

and also watched TV.

My times with you have ended,

it's so hard to say goodbye.

Till we meet again,

those memories will never die.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020



My heart aches every time I see.

The empty chair near the TV.

My best friend suddenly passed away.

Part of me died and I'm left astray.

I miss CJ, she was my best friend.

We had great times till the end.

I know God will call me home too.

Till we meet again, CJ, I LOVE YOU!

Friday, October 2, 2020



   There is a book titled, "THE BOOK OF LIFE"
Inside this book you'll find,
every word we said.
No matter if the words we speak are good or bad, 
 we cannot change it or erase it.
But as long as we are still alive,
the story isn't over.
There is a new chapter today.
It's a chapter titled, A NEW BEGINNING"
We start on a new page in our life.
There is a empty space,
that needs to be filled.
This page is reserved for you.
Will you join me in this next chapter?
Let's start by using words,
about love and forgiveness.
Let's show everyone,
 we are a loving and caring people.
Let's proclaim today 
we love God and we love others.


Friday, September 11, 2020


        Sometimes I want to pray,

        not knowing what to say.

        Except the tears I want to cry,

        and for you to be at my side.

        Sometimes I want to pray,

        with the words I want to say.

        The moment I want to see,

        when you are there to hold me.

        Sometimes I want to pray,

        with the words I need to say.

        For you to answer my plea,

        the words of PLEASE HELP ME!

Saturday, September 5, 2020

This Is Your Story


              This is your story,

 what have you done?

Have you shown kindness,

 do you love everyone?

This is your moment,

 what will you do?

What will you say,

 when someone comes to you?

The people you meet,

 what emotion do you create?

Consider your choices,

 it's love or it's hate,

We must heed God's word,

 because it's all true.

If you love God, 

you'll obey his word too.

This is your story,

 what will you do?

When someone you know,

 is angry at you.

This is your moment,

 the impact you can make.

From your own words, 

and the action you take.

Your emotions buildup,

 what thoughts do you create?

Consider your choices,

 it's love or it's hate.

We must heed God's word,

 because it's all true.

If you love God,

 you'll obey his word too.

This is your story,

 how will it end?

You'll be judged,

 on what you did back then.


Saturday, August 29, 2020

In Memory of CJ

When God gave us CJ,
for a relative and a friend.
Those ties are never broken,
even when we saw her life end.
We miss her precious smile,
and her love and care.
We never forget those times,
and wish she was still there.
She may have passed,
but the memories we can hold.
For a relative and a friend,
who had a heart of gold.
Our hearts may be grieving,
and the tears we may shed.
But we have this time,
to recall the words she said.
She may have left us,
but her life was not in vain.
We can always honor her,
and carry on in her name.
This is a special tribute,
to a relative and a friend.
We know she's with God,
and we'll see her again.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Memory of CJ

You gave a cheer and a smile,
to one whose heart was sad.
You were kind and generous,
which made me happy and glad.
You showed your friendliness,
in every single way you knew.
You touched my lonely heart,
that even my smile came through.
You greeted me every day,
with your sweet and loving care.
You showed your thoughtfulness,
with food you were willing to share.
You did so many wonderful things,
to brighten my day.
I am thankful and grateful to God,
for sending you this way.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Long Road Ahead

God has chosen this time,
which you patiently waited for so long.
To serve him in a way,
where his name is praised in every song.
Now you look ahead,
to the road that God is leading you.
A road in life,
that is reached by only so few.
So in times of trouble,
remember what God has done for you.
God will always help,
in everything you say and do.
So every burden that comes,
take the time to pray.
God's Holy Spirit will help,
and lead the way.
So when you pray each day,
 these words you should always say.
Dear Lord, I ask you,
to please help me today.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Face The World With The Lord

Face the world with the Lord,
with his love and all his care.
You know that he promised,
he will always be there.
Face the world with the Lord,
with the knowledge he will lead.
You know that he hears your prayers,
and provides what you need.
Face the world with the Lord,
with the life he gave.
You know that he died for you,
so you can be saved.
Face the world with the Lord,
with his word that no one can break.
You can believe in his promise,
that he will never forsake.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Hidden Tragedy

Just never knew the feelings you had inside.
Until they told me the reason why you died.
Lord only knew all the tears you cried.
I just wish you could have confide.
All those feelings you were trying to hide.
Remember there is life beyond the pain.
Sad to say these words are all in vain.
At times life is cruel, I don't know why?
I can only say, it's no reason to die.
Knowing now what you went through back then.
I wish I could help you my friend.
Now I pray for you till the end.