Sunday, March 28, 2021



I've reached rock bottom and face a dead end.
I've been wandering around since I lost my friend.
I lived a life that put me to shame.
There's no excuse, I have myself to blame.
I can't forgive myself, I'm sorry to say.
I've made many mistakes along the way.
I was so blind that I failed to see.
What I valued the most was for me.
My own true self was put on display.
It was my actions that caused my own dismay.
There's a part of me that causes me stress.
It's hard to go further because of the mess.
I can't trust myself because of my past.
I'm down and out, I feel like an outcast.
With nowhere to go, no one to see.
No one to call, it looks bad for me.
I'm lost and lonely since I've been on my own.
Where do I go, in the world of unknown.
I got to stay focused based on God's word.
My only chance is to follow my Savior Lord.



She's no longer lives with us,

she's with God in heaven.

She's no longer excluded, 

but welcomed in God's family.

She's no longer in agony, 

but enjoys the peace for eternity.

She's no longer in torment, 

but is happy in God's dwelling place.

She's no longer disabled, 

but healed from head to toe.

She's no longer stressed, 

she lives in perfect harmony.

She's no longer lonely, 

but in the presence of God.

She's no longer in pain,

since God called her home.

Friday, March 26, 2021



I am nobody who wants to be somebody

to help anybody so everybody will join

to help the next nobody.

Then nobody joins somebody who invites

anybody and they all become everybody

to work together and help nobody.

In the end there is always somebody

who is friends with anybody and they

belong to a group called everybody.

And nobody is never excluded.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Journey to Remember


We started on a journey, directed by God himself.

Who took us on a path, we couldn't do ourselves.

It brought us joy and abundance of love.

Together with lots of care, thanks to God above.

We continued our journey with some bumpy roads.

Still guided by God that led us to a crossroad.

Unfortunately pain and agony came along our ride.

God was not a spectator, he still did provide.

Our journey continued with moments hard to explain.

With more afflictions, but God's presence still remain.

He never left us, though sometimes we felt alone.

He was still present, we were not on our own.

Our journey was not forever, it had an end.

But thanks to God, we were best friends.

I still think of her, she's etched in my heart.

Those memories I hold, it will never part.


Monday, March 22, 2021



We had something special, that even the angels knew.

They always looked down, and saw me with you.

Praying together was great, and give thanks to God too.

Every time I came home, I couldn't wait to see you.

You set up my own bed, and made me feel at home.

You always welcomed me, when I saw you in your room.

Six years doesn't seem long, but the memories sure do.

All the laughter's and the chats, and cooking we did too.

Bless your heart you said, and even I love you dear.

Those words are special, they're music to my ears.

When we are together, our days got better.

With moments we share, and help one another.

Despite all the pain, you had to go through.

You found a way, to always help me too.

With God as my witness, I promise to do.

I will help someone else, in honor of you.

With tears in my eyes, and a grieving heart inside.

Those memories will remain, till the day I die.

And someday soon, I will see you again.

When heaven gates open, and God invites me in.

Thursday, March 18, 2021



How can I go on without a friend?

Jesus always chose two to send.

Jesus said it's better two than one.

More things you can get done.

One can pick up the other.

With two, you love one another.

You have someone to see at home.

It's great you'll never be alone.

With two you are able to share.

It's great to know someone cares.

There is life when you have a friend.

Someone you love and always depend.

Sunday, March 14, 2021



Just call her an angel, I know she is.

She took care of me, it's moments like this.

Her precious smile that lights the way.

She brightens my life each and every day.

Just call her a friend and watch and see.

She shared her food and help anyone in need.

There is no other who was kinder and sweeter.

Who has a big heart and is a friendly greeter.

Just call her a neighbor who knocks on your door.

Shares her homemade cooking and much more.

Her body was weak but her will was much stronger.

She was an amazing lady who's not with us any longer.

Just call her a God's child who loved Jesus every day.

She was sweet and friendly, her kindness was on display.

We can make a difference and help one another.

She's a perfect example on how to help each other.

Monday, March 8, 2021



I don't want to be alone, it's killing me.

The silence surrounds everything I see.

No one to talk with or even to say Hi.

No one worries if I live or die.

My heart does ache, waiting to love.

To know someone they're thinking of.

No knock on the door or phone to ring.

No one who wants to hear me sing.

No one to share or even to care.

No one around who wants to be there.

No one to give a hug or wipe a tear.

To cuddle up close and stay near.

No one to say the words I love you.

Or to hear someone say I love you too.

This loneliness is all I have for companionship.

But you can't count on it for a relationship.

Saturday, March 6, 2021



I rounded them up, hatred, greedy,

jealously, revenge and fear.

Bring also prejudice, resentment,

selfish, malice and bitterness here.


I don't need them anymore.

              CHOOSE ONLY ONE!
              DISCARD THE REST.


Tuesday, March 2, 2021



I call out your name when I walk inside the door.

I never hear your voice, I don't hear it anymore.

It's six years I loved you and I love you still

My heart is empty, no one else can fill.

I take another walk, down memory lane.

You may be gone, but those times will remain..

All the errands and tasks, I had the pleasure to do.

I cherished all those times, I did it for you.

Every moment we shared, it's memories we made.

I still recall those times, they will never fade;

I have all the pictures, it's still in a frame.

I shared it to others, but it's not the same.

Photos is my keepsake, all her memories too.

It's hard to move on, when I still miss you.

So I'm still mourning, it's something I can't hide.

It's still haunting me, the pain you had inside.