Monday, March 22, 2021



We had something special, that even the angels knew.

They always looked down, and saw me with you.

Praying together was great, and give thanks to God too.

Every time I came home, I couldn't wait to see you.

You set up my own bed, and made me feel at home.

You always welcomed me, when I saw you in your room.

Six years doesn't seem long, but the memories sure do.

All the laughter's and the chats, and cooking we did too.

Bless your heart you said, and even I love you dear.

Those words are special, they're music to my ears.

When we are together, our days got better.

With moments we share, and help one another.

Despite all the pain, you had to go through.

You found a way, to always help me too.

With God as my witness, I promise to do.

I will help someone else, in honor of you.

With tears in my eyes, and a grieving heart inside.

The memories will remain, till the day I die.

And someday soon, I will see you again.

When heaven gates open, and God invites me in.

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