Friday, December 28, 2012

E is for Exercise

So are you ready to get fit?
Do you have the time to commit?
Exercise is easy, it can be done.
It's a work out and it's really fun.
If you stumble now and then,
Just get back up and start again.
Choose one exercise that suits you,
There is so much that you can do.
Aerobics, ballet and dance too,
Even a treadmill, to name a few.
Go for a jog or get on a bike,
Play some tennis or go on a hike.
You don't have to run a race,
You can go at your own pace.
Stretch a little bit, followed by a swim,
You can use weights to stay trim.
Head to the gym and kick up your feet,
You can do it with rhythm and beat.
They tell you, it's healthy and fun,
Whether you walk or you run.
You can exercise an hour each day,
Bring along a friend and start today.
No more excuses, it's time to commit,
Set yourself a goal and just do it.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lost & Found

Joey was on his way to class when he
accidentally dropped his ten dollar bill.
Mr. Z, the teacher picked up the ten dollars and
 placed it on the desk at the lost and found room.
Billy walked in and spotted the ten dollars.
He grabbed the money and handed the ten
dollars to Randy in exchange for his comic book.
Randy trekked over to Marty's house and handed
his friend ten dollars for the latest comic book.
Marty made his way to Jill's house and 
handed her the ten dollars to pay off his debt.
Jill headed over to the neighbors house and handed the
gentleman ten dollars in exchange for a bucket of apples.
The neighbor took a trip to Billy's house and handed
the young boy ten dollars for picking the apples.
Billy raced back to the lost and found room
and placed the ten dollars back on the desk.
Joey headed over to the lost and found room, 
where he discovered his missing ten dollar bill.

Friday, December 21, 2012


The word came true when the time was right.
When the shepherds saw the beautiful sight.
It was our Savior Jesus who was born,
He came from heaven in the early morn.
It was that night when salvation had begun,
When God had sent his beloved Son.
He came down to save us from our sin,
We could surely see God's love within.
He took our place for our sake,
So that our bondage of sin would break.
So every Christmas, we recall that day,
We proclaim it's Jesus birthday. 

Friday, December 14, 2012


Henry bolted out the door and sped past Pete on the way out.
"Hurry, Hurry," Henry cried out. "What is the rush?" Pete asked.
"There is a special event," Henry said, "I am eager to see it."
"What is this special event?" Pete asked. "Is it a Christmas sale?"
"No," Henry replied. "It is not a Christmas sale."
"Tell me," Pete pleaded. "What is it?"
"No time to say, no time to delay," Henry said. "Come follow me."
Henry ran across the street with Pete right behind him.
They zipped past Buddy along the way.
"What is the big rush?" Buddy asked.
"Henry is off to see a special event," Pete replied.
"I'm following him to find out what it is."
"Could it be the big Christmas parade tonight?" Buddy asked.
"No, no," Henry said. "it is not a Christmas parade."
"Then, what is it?" Buddy asked again.
"No time to say, no time to delay," Henry said, "Come follow me."
Henry continued to race down the street followed by Pete and Buddy.
They ran past Cathy along the way.
'Where are you going?" Cathy asked.
"Henry is off to see a special event," Buddy replied.
"We're coming along to find out what it is."
"Can it be the Christmas Carol tonight?" Cathy asked.
"No, no, no," Henry cried out. "It's not a Christmas Carol."
"Tell us what it is," Cathy replied.
"No time to say, no time to delay," Henry said. "Come follow me."
Henry continued to scramble down the street
followed by Pete, Buddy and Cathy.
They scurried past Wally along the way.
"What is the hurry?" Wally asked his friends.
'Henry is off to see a special event," Cathy replied.
"We are following him to find out what it is."
"Are you going to the Christmas pageant?" Wally asked.
"No, no, no, no," Henry cried out. 'It's not a Christmas pageant."
"Then, what is it?" Wally pleaded.
"No time to say, no time to delay," Henry said. "Come follow me."
Henry continued to race down the street with 
Pete, Buddy, Cathy and Wally following him.
They zipped past Miranda along the way.
"What is going on?" Miranda asked.
"Henry is off to see a special event," Wally replied.
"We're going to see what it is."
"Can it be tonight's festival of lights?" Miranda asked.
"NO, no, no no, no," Henry cried out.
"It 's not the festival of lights."
"What is it?" Miranda pleaded.
"No time to say, no time to delay," Henry replied. "Come follow me."
Henry continued to dart through the neighborhood 
with Pete, Buddy, Cathy, Wally and Miranda following him.
They ran past Erica along the way.
"What is the rush?" Erica asked.
"Henry is off to see a special event," Miranda replied.
"We're coming along to see what it is."
"Are you going to see Santa at the mall?" Erica asked.
"No, no, no, no, no no," Henry cried out. "It is not Santa."
"Then tell us what it is," Erica replied.
"No time to say, no time to delay," Henry said. "Come follow me."
Pete, Buddy, Cathy, Wally, Miranda and Erica 
followed Henry to a huge display.
They stood in front of a brightly lit Nativity scene.
"This is the reason we celebrate this season," Henry proclaimed.  

Friday, December 7, 2012

Let's write a book !

"It's time!" Buddy announced, 'let's write a book." 
"This is going to be fun," Pete replied.
"First thing," Buddy advised, "we need an idea."
"I have one," Pete answered,"There is a talent show coming up."
"Fantastic," Buddy said.
"Now we're ready to write," Pete exclaimed.
"Wait a minute," Buddy said.
"If we're going to write a book," Buddy pointed out,
 "we need a great beginning."
"We have to attract the readers attention."
"I know," Pete answered,"a huge crowd of boys and girls
 are lined up for a talent show."
"That's great," Buddy said.
"Okay, let's start writing," Pete declared.
"Wait," Buddy interrupted.
"We cannot write a book without a setting."
Pete scratched his head. "What is a setting?"
"A place where the talent contest is held." Buddy replied.
"I know," Pete said, "it's held at a school gym."
"That's good," Buddy agreed. 
"Now, we're ready," Pete proclaimed.
"Wait," Buddy interrupted.
"We cannot write a book without a character."
"We need to create a character that 
readers will love to read about." 
"Okay, how about, Toby," Pete suggested.
"He's an adventurous young lad," Pete added. 
"And he has high expectations."
"Perfect," Buddy said.
"Let's start writing," Pete declared.
"Wait a minute," Buddy interrupted. 
"We cannot write a book without conflict,"
We need a situation that poses a problem
 for Toby to win the contest."
"I got it!" Pete said excitedly.
"Toby is struggling to find his talent."
"That is a brilliant idea," Buddy said.
"Let's start writing," Pete exclaimed.
"Hold it," Buddy interrupted again.
"We cannot write a book without some action."
"Every story requires some action."
"I know," Pete replied. "Toby tried to juggle three eggs
in the air, but all three eggs crashed to the floor."
"That's it," Buddy replied, "You got a great idea."
"We can start now," Pete proclaimed.
"Wait," Buddy said again.
"We cannot write a book without a climax."
"The readers will enjoy your story 
if you have a great ending," 
"I got it!" Pete replied. "Toby rushed to the stage
with a few minutes to spare."
"He performed his magic trick." Pete explained,
"The crowd stood up and gave him a standing ovation.
Toby won the contest," Pete added.
"That is a great ending," Buddy agreed. 
"Finally," Pete proclaimed, "we can start writing."
Buddy stared at his sheet of paper.
"What's wrong now?" Pete asked.
"I have writer's block," Buddy remarked.
"What is a writer's block?" asked Pete.
"My mind has gone blank," Buddy explained.
"What are we going to do now?" Pete asked.
"I got it," Buddy cheerfully said.
"Let's ask Henry for help."


Friday, November 30, 2012

Best Of 2012

Buddy couldn't pick just one,
It just wouldn't be fun.
So he checked his bookshelf,
to find the best of twenty-twelve.
He had to choose from thirty-two,
And it was not easy thing to do.
He finally chose ten picture book,
So go ahead and take a look.
This Is Not My Hat
by Jon Klassen
King Arthur's Very Great Grandson
by Kenneth Kraegel
Pete The Cat And His Four Groovy Buttons
by Eric Litwin
Oh, No
by Candace Fleming 
Ben's Flying Flowers
by Inger Maier

I Know A Librarian Who Chewed On A Word
by Laurie Lazzaro Knowlton
Make A Wish Bear
by Greg Foley
Because Amelia Smiled
by David Ezra Stein
Suppose You Meet A Dinosaur
by Judy Sierra
Penguin And Pinecone
by Salina Yoon

Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas Book Review

It happens every year at this time.
The day after Thanksgiving.
The start of the Christmas season.
This is a great time for a book review.
Buddy has posted his latest review,
seven new Christmas Books.
Turkey Claus
by Wendi Silvano
Thanksgiving is over and Turkey is not in trouble.
But wait! Turkey overheard Jake and his wife 
discuss what they want for Christmas dinner.
It's Turkey trouble again.
But this time Turkey went to find Santa.
Is Turkey cooked this time?
Check this hilarious follow up to "Turkey Trouble."
Pete The Cat Saves Christmas
by Eric Litwin
It's a parody on "The Night Before Christmas."
Santa was ill, will Christmas be cancelled?
No, they call on Pete the Cat.
Pete the Cat and reindeer were flying away,
to deliver presents for Christmas day.
Rhyming text keeps the story flowing,
with the message, give it your all.
How Do Dinosaurs Say Merry Christmas
by Jane Yolen
Jane Yolen's latest Dinosaur series,
ask a series of questions.
Does dinosaur sleep on Christmas eve?
Does he rip open presents, eat all the cookies? 
Just like the author's previous dinosaur books,
it also provides what happens with a dinosaur on the night before.
He helps trim the tree, eats all his dinner.
The rhyming text and great illustrations 
make it enjoyable book to read. 
The Christmas Quiet Book
by Deborah Underwood
A great follow up to the original "Quiet Book."
Searching for presents quiet.
Hoping for a snow day quiet.
With the great illustrations, 
this is a truly a holiday picture book.
Just Right For Christmas
by Birdie Black
A king bought a huge roll of red cloth.
The maids sewed together a beautiful cloak
for the king's daughter.
The rest of the cloth was left outside.
Before the night was over,
every piece of cloth was used 
for a Christmas present. 
Gifts given to so many people including a mouse.

The Christmas Story
The Brick Bible for Kids

Charlie And The Christmas Kitty
by Ree Drummond

Saturday, November 17, 2012

More Books 2 Read

Join us in this book review.
Picture books selected for you.
Picked by our own Buddy Book.
So scroll down and take a look.
It's seven new books to read.
So how many will you need?
Oh Nuts
by Tammi Sauer

Cutesy, Blinky and Bob live in a zoo.
The three chipmunks devised a plan
to get the people's attention.
But the zoo visitors are busy
watching zebras chew grass,
and observe giraffes flick bugs.
The three friends tried every method
to upstage the other animals.
In the end, they realized,
they needed to act like the others.
Penguin and Pinecone
by Salina Yoon
Penguin found a Pinecone in the snow.
He loved his new friend so much
that he knit Pinecone a scarf.
Penguin realized it's too cold for his friend to stay.
Penguin trekked through snow and wind,
so his friend could live in a forest.
Years later, Penguin missed his friend,
so he took a trip back to find him.
Penguin found Pinecone grew tall as a tree
with a scarf wrapped around him.
Their friendship grew even though
they had to live far apart.
Watch Your Tongue, Cecily Beasley
by Lane Fredrickson 
Cecily was never polite.
She burped, slurped, and made dreadful faces.
When Cecily stuck out her tongue,
she could not close her mouth.
A bird built a nest on Cecily's tongue.
This rhyming story provides
a learning lesson even for Cecily.
Olivia and the Fairy Princesses
by Ian Falconer

Olivia thinks she has an identity crisis.
She doesn't know what she wants to be.
A princess no way, there are too many princesses.
Olivia likes to stand out.
She begins her quest. Olivia considers many possibilities.
In the end, she made the right choice.
by Astronaut Mark Kelly
Meteor wants to be an astronaut.
The little mouse works hard to show
he is ready to go on a mission.
When Meteor is chosen,
they set off to outer space.
When disaster strikes, Meteor is
qualified to save the mission.
A real astronaut wrote this wonderful tale.
by Erin Frankel
Little Sweet Potato
by Amy Beth Bloom

Saturday, November 10, 2012

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Got A Minute?

There are some words that I live by.
They are listed in my ABC's.
I want to share them with you.
I hope these words can inspire you too.

Always think positive
Believe you can make a difference
Care about animals
Don't give up on yourself, ever
Express gratitude
Forgive one another
Get along with everyone
Hang on to your dreams
Imagine you can succeed
Join a school club
Keep your heart free from anger
Love without conditions
Make someone happy
Never lie, cheat or steal
Obey your parents
Pray to God
Quick to listen, slow to speak
Read a book
Start your day with a smile
Thank God for what you have
Use your time wisely,
Value your family
Winning isn't everything
eXalt GOD
Zest for life

Monday, October 29, 2012

Look At This!

Since I got your attention,
I do want to mention,
I know you will agree,
What you are about to see,
Drawings that are work of art,
And it came from their heart.
So take a look at this, 
Artistry you can't miss.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's Booktacular!

Before you read something new.
Check out Buddy's Book Review.
Seven picture books you'll find,
That will dazzle your mind.
Start now by scrolling down,
Check which books Buddy found.
Today's theme is "Reading Is Fun."
Read all seven or just one.
This blog is not only spectacular.
It's Booktacular!
The Three Ninja Pigs
by Corey Rosen Schwartz  
You heard the classic story the wolf
came to town and blew the Pig's houses down.
This three pigs aren't going to take it no more.
The first pig took aikido lessons,
 the second pig took a jujitsu lessons. 
But the third pig trained
every day to master Karate.
The first two pigs neglected in their training
and they were no match for the wolf.
Pig three with her intense training
was able to save the day.
by Lisa Wheeler

If you liked Dino-soccer, Dino-hockey,
Dino-baseball, Dino-Basketball,
you'll love Lisa Wheeler's latest.
Action packed, with touchdowns,
interceptions and more in
this great illustrated book. 
Plant eating dinosaurs against
meat eating dinosaurs.
Find out who won this game at the
Lava dome on Mega Bowl Sunday.
This Is Not My Hat
by Jon Klassen 
This story excels in it's illustrations.
The pictures tells the whole story.
It details a small fish steal a hat
from the bigger fish.
The suspense builds up when the
small fish tries to evade the large fish.
The Tree That Bear Climbed
by Marianne Berkes
This rhyming text has a creative twist
to the classic "The House That Jack Built."
Instead of a house, it's the many parts of a tree.
The story builds up because a bear 
is so eager to the climb the tree.
The bear reaches the branch
that holds the honey from a beehive
Beware it has a surprise ending.
The book includes facts about plants.
Boot & Shoe
by Marla Frazee

Boot and Shoe live in the same house.
But the lovable dogs spend their days apart.
Boot enjoys the time on the back porch
while Shoe is on the front porch.
Everything suddenly changes
when the squirrel arrives.
Boot and Shoe are separated during the chase. 
They search for each other with no luck.
But this heart warming tale
has a happy ending.