Saturday, April 28, 2018

Words To Remember

There are three little words, that you could say.
That will bring joy, to someone today.
The best three little words, you will ever know.
Say these three little words and let it show.
The power in these words, we may not always see.
But it can touch the heart, of someone close to thee.
It can create a feeling, that is precious to our heart.
And strengthen the bond, that no one could take apart.
We leave our mark, on each word we say.
Words that will effect, the ones we see each day.
So the best thing, you could ever say or do.
Say these three little words; I LOVE YOU!

Friday, April 20, 2018


Read the word of God,
recite it every day.
Hear the words he said,
trust in God today.
Then your faith believes,
what God said is true.
Your heart opens up,
to what God will do.
Faith believes the word
that God speaks to you.
You put your trust in him
he'll help you through.
Hear the word of God,
believe, speak and do.
Then walk on this faith,
and live by it too.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

A Special Friend

You gave a cheer and a smile,
to one whose heart was sad.
You were kind and generous,
which made me happy and glad.
You showed your friendliness,
in every single way you knew.
You touched my lonely heart,
that even my smile came through.
You greeted me every day,
with your sweet and loving care.
You showed your thoughtfulness,
with food you were willing to share.
You did so many wonderful things,
to brighten my day.
God surely blessed me, 
for sending you this way.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

It's LOVE not hate

It's LOVE and not hate, that we need today.
It's LOVE and only LOVE, it's the only way.
It's LOVE and not hate, that cares for everyone.
It's LOVE that shows kindness, to all and not one.
It's LOVE that can aid someone, in need of a hand.
It's LOVE that spreads joy and show you understand.
It's LOVE that gives comfort, to a lonely heart.
It's LOVE that brings us together and not break apart.
It's LOVE and not hate, that we need today.
It's LOVE and only LOVE, it's the only way.