Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The official blows the whistle and signals for the game to start.  Are you ready to play?  Volleyball is fun to play but before we start to play we need to practice.  It"s very important to learn the skills to play volleyball.  Bump, set, spike, and serve.  There are volleyball clinics across the country that you can sign up.  So be sure to sign up and then you can join the school team.  In the meantime, I wrote a poem on the importance of practice.  I hope you like it and see you soon.     

Ballad of Volleyball Player
Practice,practice, practice
each and every play,
That's what the coach always had to say.
Ready, call and move, pass it really high,
Step, jump and spike, give it another try..
Run, pass and hit
when the ball comes your way,

Serve, jump and smash, try to keep it in play.
Practice, practice, practice each and every play,
That's what the coach always had to say.
Run, dig, and dive, make sure you call it mine,
Pass, set and spike, hit it down the line.
Run, cover and dig, to bump, set and spike,
Serve, jump and block until you got it right.
Practice, practice, practice each and every play,
That's what the coach always had to say.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


It's summer time and there is an explosion of ads displayed across the city with the message, READ, READ, READ. Why is that?
Isn't school out? Isn't it vacation time?
Well Pencil Pete has the answer for you.
Our minds never go on vacation.
It keeps exploring, discovering, and learning along the way.
One of the best methods to learn is reading.
During the summer, we get to choose what we want to read.
There are so many to choose from, picture books,
poetry, fiction, non-fiction, etc... So Pencil Pete recommends you go ahead and explore a whole new world in books. You will discover and learn that reading is fun.
I wrote a poem I want to share with you.
It's called, "READING IS FUN."


Check out the cover, look inside the book,
Turn the page over, take a closer look.
Read the first line, imagine what you find,
You encover a story that will dazzle your mind.
You find every page has a story to tell,
All about the characters and places they dwell.
This exciting new tale begins on page one,
You soon will discover that reading is fun.
Open up a book, read the first page,
The scene will emerge just like a stage.
You discover another world inside this book,
The adventure begins the moment you look.
You come across a story where a tale is told,
You read every word and watch it unfold.
The excitement continues beyond page one,
You experience the thrill that reading is fun.

Send me a message and tell me what you are reading.
I love to hear from you.