Friday, May 31, 2013

Eggy loves to read.

Illustration by Daniela Martinez

Eggy burst into the kitchen, 
he darted past his mother.
"Where are you going, son?"
"I'm off to the library," Eggy replied. 
"Today starts the summer reading program."
Eggy is greeted at the door by the librarian.
"I'm looking for a special book,"
Eggy declared. The librarian
directed him to the picture book area.
Eggy searched through shelf after shelf
for a great book. Buddy came along
carrying a handful of books.
"Check out the fairy tale section." said Buddy. 
"They are all classics." 
"Great books indeed," Eggy said.
"But I'm looking for a new book to inspire me."
Eggy walked over to the next aisle and
scanned the whole section.
Cathy strolled by carrying 
a bag full of books.
"You should get a book about a cat that sings,"
Cathy suggested. "It's going to be a classic."
"Great book," Eggy agreed. 
"But I'm looking for something that is inspirational."
Eggy went over to the non-fiction area.
Wally stood nearby and greeted his friend.
"Get a book about sharks," Wally suggested.
"The photos are awesome."
"They are great," Eggy answered.
"But I need a book to enlighten me."
Eggy continued to search down every aisle.
Pete walked past carrying a stack of books.
"Try the poetry section," Pete suggested. 
" There is a great collection of poems to choose."
"Poetry is great," Eggy agreed.
"But I'm looking for a book to motivate me."
Eggy decided to check out the new released section.
He browsed through the whole area and his eyes lit up.
He caught a glimpse on a brand new book written by Henry. 
"There it is!" Eggy cried. "The book I want to read."
It's Henry's first published book, 'THE INNER LIGHT.'
Buddy, Cathy, Pete, Wally & Eggy recommend Henry's book.
Get your copy today.
Visit his website:

Friday, May 24, 2013

Dig Into Reading

Buddy is so excited to tell everyone.
He's going to the library to have some fun.
He discovered a place where you can always find.
A variety of books that will captivate your mind.
Buddy was on hand,for the new summer read.
He's looking for books,that he's going to need.
With so much to choose, he couldn't pick one.
He pulled out twenty, and he wasn't done.
He found a great book, on a spine tingling tale.
And a non-fiction book, about mammoth whale.
He read a tearful story, on a long lost dog.
And a fact filled book, about a slimy little frog.
Dig into Reading, is the summer's reading plan.
So visit the library and sign-up when you can.
Bring along a friend and take a good look.
There's a great selection, so check out a book.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Check this out !

The search is over, no longer to wait.
On a new website, that is just great.
You can buy t-shirts, with characters too.
Check out the sizes, we have one for you.
You can also get, Henry's new picture book.
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Friday, May 10, 2013

Henry's first book !

THE INNER LIGHT is a heart-warming
story about a lively young boy, grieving 
the loss of his loving grandfather.
Driven by a divine message and 
an unusual gift he receives.
Jimmy begins searching for answers
and comes to understand that
no one is alone in their sorrow.
It is something we all share,
in one way or another.
When the answer is revealed,
Jimmy discovers the true nature
of his grandfather's life and
his own role to play as the
torch is passed from one
generation to the next.  

Check out his website:

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Henry's first book is published,
I can't wait to see.
It must be a masterpiece,
I wonder what it could be.
Is it a new fairy tale,
or a dog that can sing.
Maybe a story with a twist,
or laughter it can bring.
The anticipation is high,
I can hardly wait.
One thing I'm certain,
his book will be great.
IT'S ONLY $12.99
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Friday, May 3, 2013

Picture Book Review

Go ahead and take a look.
It's about a children's picture book.
Not one, two, three or four,
But Buddy chose many more.
Seven great books selected for you.
So check out Buddy's book review.
by Rodrigo Folqueira
It started off just an ordinary day,
for a family of frogs in a pond.
Until a little pink pig arrived.
The frogs asked the pig
if they could help him.
The pig's response was "ribbit."
The pigs were confused,
is this a pig or a frog?
Additional animals showed up,
they wondered why a pig 
wanted to be a frog?
This funny tale has a
 great message in the end. 
The Dark
by Lemony Snicket
Laszlo is afraid of the dark.
The young boy encounters
the dark in every room.
There is a twist to this story,
dark becomes a character.
Laszlo overcomes his fear
when dark seeks to help him.
 I'm Bored
by Michael Ian Black
A young girl is bored.
She encountered a potato.
The potato likes flamingos,
but the potato does not like kids.
So the young girl tries to prove
to the potato that kids are fun.
She demonstrates what she can do.
But the potato was not impressed.
The girl walked away in disgust.
You will be surprised on the ending.
Railroad Hank
by Lisa Moser
 Granny is feeling blue.
Railroad Hank plans 
to cheer her up.
Hank asks his friends
what he should get her.
Even though his friends
made great suggestions.
Railroad Hank didn't 
understand his friends ideas.
He loaded up his train not 
with food but a whole cargo
containing the food.
Missing Mommy
by Rebecca Cobb

A boy tries to overcome the grief
over the loss of his mother.
It was written from a 
child's point of view.
The boy expresses his emotions
and also questions why she is gone.
Even though his father tried
to explain, there was no answer
the boy would accept.
The child misses his mother.
by Jack Prelutsky
Here Comes Trouble
By Corinne Demas