Friday, February 22, 2013

Stop, Look, Read

Check out the cover, look inside the book.
Turn the page over, take a closer look.
Read the first line, imagine what you find.
You uncover a story, that will dazzle your mind.
You find every page has a story to tell,
All about the characters and places they dwell.
This exciting new tale begins on page one,
You soon will discover that reading is fun.
Open up a book, read the first page.
The scene will emerge just like a stage.
You discover another world inside this book.
The adventure begins the moment you look.
You come across a story where a tale is told.
You read every word and watch it unfold.
The excitement continues beyond page one.
You experience the thrill that reading is fun.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Feed the one !

Jim and Tim did not get along.
They fought and argued every single day.
"Give it back," Jim shouted.
Jim grabbed his brother from behind 
and wrestled him to the floor.
"What's going on in there?" their mother asked.
Their father walked in and separated the boys.
"Will you boys ever stop fighting?"
The two parents decided enough is enough.
The boys will spend a weekend with Grandpa.
Jim and Tim followed Grandpa to the car.
"Where are we going?" Jim asked Grandpa.
"Let's visit an animal sanctuary," Grandpa announced. 
They stopped near a large gated fence
where lions roamed in the field.
Grandpa sat both boys down
and proceeded to tell them a story.
"There are two lions that continue
to fight over everything.
One lion was full of anger, 
hate and resentment.
The other lion was full of
love, peace and compassion."
"Which lion do you think will
win this fight?" Grandpa asked them.
The two brothers looked at each other
and shook their heads. "We don't know."
"The one you feed." Grandpa replied.
Grandpa leaned over and
whispered to them.
"The same fight is going
on the inside of you."
"Which one will you feed?

Friday, February 8, 2013

Be My Valentine

I'll send you a card,
and write you a letter.
I'll bring you some hugs,
to make it even better.
I'll make you some tea,
and cook your favorite food.
Set up a candle lit dinner,
for a romantic mood.
We'll cuddle on the couch,
and watch some TV.
In a quiet moment,
you lean and kiss me.
We'll sit on the patio,
and watch the sun set.
I'll recite you a poem,
from the moment we met.
When the night draws near,
we'll go for a walk.
We'll stroll by the beach,
where we'll sit and talk.
In the light of the night,
under the shining moon.
I'll take you in my arms,
and sing you a tune.
We'll lie on the sand,
and scan the night sky.
Make a wish on a star,
before it goes by.
When the night is over,
we'll hold each other tight.
We have one long kiss,
before we say good night.