Saturday, February 27, 2016

Clever Grocer ?

Ben owns a grocery store.
He put up a sign on the window.
Tomatoes, 25 cents a piece
or three for a dollar.
The first customer walked in and complained,
"That's not fair!" the young lady declared.
"I should get four tomatoes for a dollar."
Ben apologized and provided the customer,
four tomatoes for a dollar.
The second customer stepped in 
and made a big fuss about the sign.
"Your sign can't be right," he said.
"It should be four tomatoes instead of three."
Ben agreed with the old man
and sold him four tomatoes for a dollar.
Ben's friend, Charlie stood near by,
and watched the whole episode.
Charlie pulled Ben aside.
"Aren't you forgetting something?" Charlie asked.
"You should correct the mistake on your sign."
"What mistake?" Ben wondered.
"Before the sign was up," Ben said.
"Customers bought only one tomato."

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Reading is Fun

Check out the cover, look inside the book.
Turn the page over, take a closer look.
Read the first line, imagine what you find.
You uncover a story, that will dazzle your mind.
You find every page, has a story to tell.
All about the characters and places they dwell.
This exciting new tale, begins on page one.
You soon discover, that reading is fun. 
Open up a book, read the first page.
The scene will emerge, just like a stage.
You discover another world, inside this book.
The adventure begins, the moment you look.
You come across a story, where a tale is told.
You read every word, and watch it unfold.
The excitement continues, beyond page one.
You experience the thrill, that reading is fun.


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Ode to my friends.

Give a smile, give a hand.
Give some love to a friend.
Give some comfort, give some care.
Give some joy, where it's rare.
Pay a visit and go say hi.
Share this moment to the shy.
Say a prayer, wipe a tear.
Greet someone with a cheer.
Take this time when you can.
Give some hope till the end.
Give a smile, give a hand.
Give some love to a friend. 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

My Valentine

I will love you in January like it was the first time.
I will love you in February for you are my Valentine.
I will love you in March and know it's the real thing.
I will love you in April for the joy you bring.
I will love you in May and watch our love grow.
I will love you in June and never let you go.
I will love you in July and say it all the time. 
I will love you in August and know you are mine.
I will love you in September when I am older.
I will love you in October when it gets colder.
I will love you in November when I will be very thankful.
I will love you in December and be forever grateful.