Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Call To Worship

Every Sunday morning, to church we go.
We come to serve, the God we know.
With bible in hand and a open heart.
We're ready to worship, when the service starts.

We hear the melody, from the worship band.
We all stand up and raise our hand.
The choir is singing, in a single voice. 
We all join in, with our joyful noise.

We praise the Lord, when we sing along
We bring him honor, in every song.
We look forward, when the pastor preaches.
Sermon on God's word, is what he teaches.

We end the service with our prayers.
We say it aloud, to God who cares.
For we come together, in one accord.
To show our devotion, to the precious Lord.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Best Three Little Words

There are three little words, that you could say.
That will bring joy to someone today.
The best three little words, you will ever know.
Believe in these words and let it show.
The power in these words, we may not always see.
But it can touch the heart of someone close to thee.
It can create a feeling that is precious to our heart.
And strengthen the bond that no one could take apart.
We leave our mark on each word we say.
Words that will effect the ones we see each day.
So the best thing you could ever say or do.
Say these three little words: I LOVE YOU.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Love vs. Hate

Jim grabbed his brother from behind 
and wrestled him to the floor.
"Give it back!" Jim shouted.
"What's going on?" their mother shouted.
Their father walked in and
separated the two boys.
"Will you boys ever stop fighting?"
The parents decided their boys will 
spend a weekend with Grandpa.
Jim and Tim followed Grandpa to the car.
"Where are we going?" Jim asked Grandpa.
"We're going to visit the zoo," Grandpa announced.
They stopped near a large gated fence,
where the lions roamed the field.
Grandpa sat both boys down,
and proceeded to tell them a story.
There were two lions that fought over everything.
One lion was full of anger
and the other lion was full of love.
"Which lion do you think will win
this fight?" Grandpa asked the boys.
The two brothers looked at each other,
and shook their heads. "we don't know."
"The one you feed," Grandpa replied.
Grandpa leaned over and whispered to them.
"The same fight is going inside of you."
"Which one do you feed?"

Friday, January 6, 2017

Let's Get Fit

So are you ready to get fit?
Do you have the time to commit?
Exercise is easy, it can be done.
It's a work out and it's really fun.
If you stumble now and then.
Just get back up and start again.
Choose one exercise that suits you.
There is so much that you can do.
Aerobics, ballet and dance too.
Even a treadmill to name a few.
Go for a jog or get on a bike.
Play some tennis or go on a hike.
You don't have to run a race.
You can go at your own pace.
Stretch a little bit, followed by a swim.
You can use weights to stay trim.
So head to the gym and kick up your feet. 
You can do this with rhythm and beat.
They tell you it's healthy and fun.
Whether you walk, jog or run.
You can exercise an hour each day.
Bring along a friend and start today.
No more excuses, it's time to commit.
Set yourself a goal and just do it!