Friday, December 28, 2012

E is for Exercise

So are you ready to get fit?
Do you have the time to commit?
Exercise is easy, it can be done.
It's a work out and it's really fun.
If you stumble now and then,
Just get back up and start again.
Choose one exercise that suits you,
There is so much that you can do.
Aerobics, ballet and dance too,
Even a treadmill, to name a few.
Go for a jog or get on a bike,
Play some tennis or go on a hike.
You don't have to run a race,
You can go at your own pace.
Stretch a little bit, followed by a swim,
You can use weights to stay trim.
Head to the gym and kick up your feet,
You can do it with rhythm and beat.
They tell you, it's healthy and fun,
Whether you walk or you run.
You can exercise an hour each day,
Bring along a friend and start today.
No more excuses, it's time to commit,
Set yourself a goal and just do it.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lost & Found

Joey was on his way to class when he
accidentally dropped his ten dollar bill.
Mr. Z, the teacher picked up the ten dollars and
 placed it on the desk at the lost and found room.
Billy walked in and spotted the ten dollars.
He grabbed the money and handed the ten
dollars to Randy in exchange for his comic book.
Randy trekked over to Marty's house and handed
his friend ten dollars for the latest comic book.
Marty made his way to Jill's house and 
handed her the ten dollars to pay off his debt.
Jill headed over to the neighbors house and handed the
gentleman ten dollars in exchange for a bucket of apples.
The neighbor took a trip to Billy's house and handed
the young boy ten dollars for picking the apples.
Billy raced back to the lost and found room
and placed the ten dollars back on the desk.
Joey headed over to the lost and found room, 
where he discovered his missing ten dollar bill.

Friday, December 21, 2012


The word came true when the time was right.
When the shepherds saw the beautiful sight.
It's our Savior Jesus who was born,
He came from heaven in the early morn.
It was that night when salvation had begun,
When God had sent his beloved Son.
He came down to save us from our sin,
We could surely see God's love within.
He took our place for our sake,
So that our bondage of sin would break.
So every Christmas, we recall that day,
We proclaim it's Jesus birthday.