Saturday, April 30, 2022



Do the right thing,

is what I believe.

I want to share,

with what I receive.

For what I have,

God gave to me.

So I cheerfully give,

to those in need.

Do the right thing,

I go and preach.

Share the good news,

to ones I reach.

I can't be silent,

in a moment like this.

It's about my savior,

and how great he is.

Do the right thing,

I do something good.

I start right now,

in my neighborhood.

There's so many ways,

I can think of.

With any good deed,

it begins with love.

So I make a choice,

between wrong or right.

It all takes place,

in front of God's sight.

So I glorify God,

in all I do.

I made this promise,

and you can too.

Saturday, April 23, 2022



I call on you Lord, in my prayer and song.

Send your Holy Spirit, to help me along.

You're my savior, I proclaim it every day.

I give you my life, lead me the way.

I say to you Lord, I promise you this.

I'll share my testimony and say who it is.

Jesus is the one, I was saved by him.

Ever since the moment I let him in.

I pray to you Lord, with this I ask.

I need your strength, on this important task.

I'll study the bible, so I can always learn.

All I need to know, until you finally return.

Saturday, April 16, 2022



Don't let sin reign in you,

don't give in to anger.

Get rid of any malice,

avoid listening to slander.

Show love and compassion,

just like Jesus said.

Remove any bitterness, 

be kind to others instead.

Rely on the Lord,

and study God's word.

Read about his promises,

so you can be assured.

Believe in God's way,

and know he's always right.

Never doubt his word,

he'll make it alright.

Wait for the Lord, 

you don't want to miss.

His marvelous works,

and how great God is.

Trust in his timing,

his way is always better.

Only God can help you,

there's no one greater.


Saturday, April 9, 2022



It's a happy morning,

on a sunny day.

I took a stroll,

and sang along the way.

I spend time with Jesus,

I love to sing to him.

I praise the Lord,

and I sing another hymn.

It's a happy morning,

and what do I see?

Birds in the sky,

and Jesus is with me.

I stand in awe,

his creation on display.

I marvel all his works,

I enjoy it every day.

It's a happy morning,

on a glorious day.

God put it together,

in a special way.

I'm so excited,

what he's going to do.

I watch it unfold,

it's something new.

It's a happy morning,

on a beautiful day.

It reminds me often,

what the bible did say.

I lack nothing here,

I have all I need.

Thanks to the Lord,

for the blessings I received.

Saturday, April 2, 2022



I have a purpose, I have a goal.

I can feel it, even in my soul.

A mission from God 

and something more.

A new task for me,

that I've been waiting for.

It's just like Paul,

a new path to take.

Directed by God,

and his call to make.

I got the passion,

I got the desire.

I'm ready to serve,

with so much fire.

I preach about Jesus,

and God's amazing grace.

How I got saved,

how it took place.

So whatever I do,

whatever I say.

Is to bring glory,

to God today.