Saturday, April 9, 2022



It's a happy morning,

on a sunny day.

I took a stroll,

and sang along the way.

I spend time with Jesus,

I love to sing to him.

I praise the Lord,

and I sing another hymn.

It's a happy morning,

and what do I see?

Birds in the sky,

and Jesus is with me.

I stand in awe,

his creation on display.

I marvel all his works,

I enjoy it every day.

It's a happy morning,

on a glorious day.

God put it together,

in a special way.

I'm so excited,

what he's going to do.

I watch it unfold,

it's something new.

It's a happy morning,

on a beautiful day.

It reminds me often,

what the bible did say.

I lack nothing here,

I have all I need.

Thanks to the Lord,

for the blessings I received.

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