Saturday, April 30, 2022



Do the right thing,

is what I believe.

So I want to share,

with what I receive.

For what I have,

God gave to me.

So I cheerfully give,

to those in need.

Do the right thing,

I go and preach.

Share the good news,

to ones I reach.

I can't be silent,

in a moment like this.

It's about my savior,

and how great he is.

Do the right thing,

I do something good.

I start right now,

in my neighborhood.

There's so many ways,

I can think of.

With any good deed,

it begins with love.

So I make a choice,

between wrong or right.

It all takes place,

in front of God's sight.

So I glorify God,

in all I do.

I made this promise,

and you can too.

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