Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ode To Writers

Today I set myself a goal.
I'll craft the words that will show.
I created a story that's engaging and fun.
You'll enjoy the characters, every single one.
I'll write about a funny new tale.
It stars a lovable talking whale.
I'll add in a silly white goose.
And I'll write like I'm Dr. Seuss.
But suddenly I have bad luck.
My mind goes blank and I'm stuck.
Now I am in a state of shock.
I got a case of writer's block.
No problem I am still going to write.
I won't stop until I got it right.
I'll use words that'll dazzle their mind.
And place the main character in a bind.
Now it's over my story is complete.
I consider this moment a huge feat.
I am finally finished and I feel great.
And not once did I procrastinate.  

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Choose A Book ?

Cathy  picked up six books from the library.
She placed the books on  her desk.
She sat down and pondered
which book to read first.
Suddenly, the first book popped up
and stepped forward.
"Pick me!" cried the first book.
"Take a look inside, it's full of adventure."
Then Cathy heard another voice.
She looked up and noticed
Book two staring at her.
"Don't listen to him," Book two replied.
"My book is funny, you'll laugh out loud."
The third book stood up and came forward.
"Read me," book three said.
"My book is about dinosaurs."
Book four edged forward.
"My book is better," Book four proclaimed.
"You can learn about your favorite animals."
The fifth book came up and hollered,"wait!"
"Examine mine," Book five exclaimed.
"It's about your favorite hero."
The sixth book took his turn.
"Don't forget me," Book six replied.
"This book is written by your favorite author."

Saturday, February 7, 2015

My Valentine

I'll send you a card, and write you a letter.
I'll bring you some hugs, to make it even better.
I'll make you some tea, and cook your favorite food.
Set up a candle lit dinner, for a romantic mood.
We'll cuddle on the couch, and watch some TV.
And in this very moment, you lean in and kiss me.
We'll sit on the patio, and watch the sunset.
I'll recite you a poem, about the moment we met.
When the night draws near, we'll go for a walk.
We'll stroll by the park, where we'll sit and talk.
In the light of the night, under the shining moon.
I'll take you in my arms, and sing you a tune.
We'll lie on the grass, and scan the night sky.
Make a wish on a star, when it goes by.
When the night is over, we'll hold each other tight.
We have one long kiss, before we say good night.