Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ode To Writers

Today I set myself a goal.
I'll craft the words that will show.
I created a story that's engaging and fun.
You'll enjoy the characters, every single one.
I'll write about a funny new tale.
It stars a lovable talking whale.
I'll add in a silly white goose.
And I'll write like I'm Dr. Seuss.
But suddenly I have bad luck.
My mind goes blank and I'm stuck.
Now I am in a state of shock.
I got a case of writer's block.
No problem I am still going to write.
I won't stop until I got it right.
I'll use words that'll dazzle their mind.
And place the main character in a bind.
Now it's over my story is complete.
I consider this moment a huge feat.
I am finally finished and I feel great.
And not once did I procrastinate.  

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