Saturday, October 24, 2015

Part Three .......

Buddy rummaged through his desk looking for his pen.
He stumbled on a old photo 
with his friends Pete and Wally.
He noticed on the back of the picture,
 there was an inscription:
Buddy began to wonder, "Do I go to Trunk or Treat or
go with his friends to the Halloween party?"
Suddenly, Buddy had a great idea!
He called up his friends and invited them over again.
Buddy presented Pete and Wally his offer.
"Spend thirty minutes at Trunk or Treat. 
If you choose to leave,
I will go with you to the Halloween party."
Pete and Wally thought it over and agreed to the deal.
Buddy took his two friends to a church parking lot.
Pete and Wally's eyes lit up.
They noticed the parking lot 
was lit up with a huge crowd.
They saw kids line up near a row of cars.
Each car's trunk was open and fully decorated.
They went in line and watched the adults 
fill their bags with all kinds of candy treats.
Buddy, Pete and Wally sat down 
and ate hot dogs and drank soda.
They had so much fun, 
they forgot about the thirty minute deal.
When the party was over, 
Pete and Wally thanked Buddy for the invitation.
"You were right," Pete said. 
"Trunk or Treat was a lot of fun."

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Part two..................

Buddy placed his photos from last years 
Trunk or Treat on a dining room table. 
He laid out each photo side by side 
in order for his friends to see.
He looked up at the clock and noticed
his friends were due at his house any minute.
Wally and Pete walked in and 
noticed the special display.
Buddy pleaded with his friends 
to join him at the Trunk or Treat.
Wally and Pete were adamant,
 they were not coming.
Buddy handed out invitations to Pete and Wally.
Pete shook his head at his friend.
"All my friends told me not to go," Pete replied.
"They say it's not a Halloween party.'
Buddy glared at Pete in disbelief.
"What makes anything 
a Halloween party?" Buddy asked.
"Well," Pete thought for a moment, 
" I guess when you go door to door for treats."
Buddy became agitated,
 "I think Halloween is about receiving candy."
"Yeah," Pete replied, "but you don't call it Halloween."
Buddy sighed. "What's the difference what's it called."
Buddy pointed out the fun activities
 at the Trunk or Treat event.
But Wally and Pete didn't change their mind.
"We're going to a Halloween party," Wally announced.
Pete and Wally decided to go home.
Buddy sat down and dropped his head on a pillow.
He stared at the invitations laying on the couch.
"I wish my friends would go with me."
TO BE CONTINUED....................  

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Trunk or Treat

Buddy checked his mail box 
and found he received some mail.
He opened the envelope and pulled out an inviatation
to a special party called TRUNK OR TREAT.
Buddy pulled out his photo album and glanced at all the
pictures taken at the last years event.  A smile spread 
across his face when he recalled last years celebration.
Buddy's favorite teacher Miss Upshaw 
invited him to his first TRUNK OR TREAT.
 Buddy arrived at the church parking lot and
 noticed a row of cars fully decorated
 Inside their trunk was filled with lots of candy. 
He walked up to the first car 
and a family of four greeted him. 
They took turns and dropped treats into Buddy's bag.
His eyes lit up when he noticed there was plenty of
chocolate bars. Music filled the air while Buddy was
served hot dog and a drink. Buddy watched a pumpkin
carving contest and participated in several crafts.
Buddy was so happy he made 
new friends and won several prizes.
 When Buddy turned to the last page of his photo album, 
he noticed there was something missing.
Buddy's two best friends were not there.
He wondered if Pete and Wally would join him this year?
To be continued.....................