Sunday, October 11, 2015

Trunk or Treat

Buddy checked his mail box 
and found he received some mail.
He opened the envelope and pulled out an inviatation
to a special party called TRUNK OR TREAT.
Buddy pulled out his photo album and glanced at all the
pictures taken at the last years event.  A smile spread 
across his face when he recalled last years celebration.
Buddy's favorite teacher Miss Upshaw 
invited him to his first TRUNK OR TREAT.
 Buddy arrived at the church parking lot and
 noticed a row of cars fully decorated
 Inside their trunk was filled with lots of candy. 
He walked up to the first car 
and a family of four greeted him. 
They took turns and dropped treats into Buddy's bag.
His eyes lit up when he noticed there was plenty of
chocolate bars. Music filled the air while Buddy was
served hot dog and a drink. Buddy watched a pumpkin
carving contest and participated in several crafts.
Buddy was so happy he made 
new friends and won several prizes.
 When Buddy turned to the last page of his photo album, 
he noticed there was something missing.
Buddy's two best friends were not there.
He wondered if Pete and Wally would join him this year?
To be continued.....................

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