Saturday, September 26, 2015

Happy Birthday

We're throwing a party,
it's going to be great.
Your friends are here,
it's time to celebrate.
Bring out the cake,
and grab the drinks too.
Let's begin this party,
by singing to you.
We light up the candles,
and let out a big shout.
All the candles are lit,
can you blow them out?
Slice up the cake,
it's a chocolate treat.
Bring out those plates,
let's start to eat.
The party is not over,
there's so much to do.
We have a surprise,
there's always something new.
You have greeting cards,
so plenty to see.
There's also some presents,
what could it be?
With music and laughter,
and some games too.
Let's enjoy this fun,
this party is for you.

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