Friday, August 22, 2014

Henry's Father

(Henry wrote this poem 32 years ago)


I hear all the stories about loving fathers,
I like to tell you about mine.
He is a loving, patient, understanding dad,
and he is also kind.
When I was six years old, my mother became ill,
I still don't know the reason why.
But here was my dad taking care of me,
my sis and my two brothers at the same time.
He worked, he cooked, he cleaned,
he did all the things he could.
He made all of our lives
so happy, loving and good.
I am very grateful for all he had done for me.
I take this moment to say to my dad,
thanks for everything.
I wish him all the peace and love
that will come in time,
And thank my God for blessing me
with a wonderful father like mine.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Frank Porada

My heart aches every time I see,
The empty chair near the TV.
My dear dad suddenly passed away.
Part of me died and I'm left astray.
I miss my dad, he was my friend,
We had great times till the end.
I know God will call me home too,
Till we meet again, Dad, I love you.