Saturday, August 29, 2020

In Memory of CJ

When God gave us CJ,
for a relative and a friend.
Those ties are never broken,
even when we saw her life end.
We miss her precious smile,
and her love and care.
We never forget those times,
and wish she was still there.
She may have passed,
but the memories we can hold.
For a relative and a friend,
who had a heart of gold.
Our hearts may be grieving,
and the tears we may shed.
But we have this time,
to recall the words she said.
She may have left us,
but her life was not in vain.
We can always honor her,
and carry on in her name.
This is a special tribute,
to a relative and a friend.
We know she's with God,
and we'll see her again.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Memory of CJ

You gave a cheer and a smile,
to one whose heart was sad.
You were kind and generous,
which made me happy and glad.
You showed your friendliness,
in every single way you knew.
You touched my lonely heart,
that even my smile came through.
You greeted me every day,
with your sweet and loving care.
You showed your thoughtfulness,
with food you were willing to share.
You did so many wonderful things,
to brighten my day.
I am thankful and grateful to God,
for sending you this way.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Long Road Ahead

God has chosen this time,
which you patiently waited for so long.
To serve him in a way,
where his name is praised in every song.
Now you look ahead,
to the road that God is leading you.
A road in life,
that is reached by only so few.
So in times of trouble,
remember what God has done for you.
God will always help,
in everything you say and do.
So every burden that comes,
take the time to pray.
God's Holy Spirit will help,
and lead the way.
So when you pray each day,
 these words you should always say.
Dear Lord, I ask you,
to please help me today.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Face The World With The Lord

Face the world with the Lord,
with his love and all his care.
You know that he promised,
he will always be there.
Face the world with the Lord,
with the knowledge he will lead.
You know that he hears your prayers,
and provides what you need.
Face the world with the Lord,
with the life he gave.
You know that he died for you,
so you can be saved.
Face the world with the Lord,
with his word that no one can break.
You can believe in his promise,
that he will never forsake.