Friday, April 26, 2013


I know I said the words I can't,
not once but countless more.
When you think about it,
you said those words before.
The thoughts we carry,
are from what we heard.
Nothing is achieved,
when it's a negative word.
The moment I say I can't,
those words take me down.
It never lifts me up,
or turn my life around.
It may become a habit,
and even sometimes a chant.
But I should never ever say,
the two words, I can't.

Friday, April 19, 2013


Writer with a pen.
Referee with a whistle.
Singer with a mike.
Judge with a gavel.
Postal clerk with mail.
Pilot with a plane.
Doctor with a patient.
Artist with a brush.
Minister with a bible.
Veterinarian with animals.
Teacher with a student.
Police officer with the law.
Fireman with a fire truck.
Musician with an instrument.
Mother with a child.
There is so many others
that go together.
We all play a role too.
What goes together with you?   

Friday, April 12, 2013

Ballad of Volleyball Team

Volleyball is my favorite sport.
I love to play on the court.
To bump a ball and try to set,
To jump, spike and play the net.
Beyond any glory or fame,
I love to play this game.

They toss the ball high and hit it over the net,
When the ball comes back, they are ready to set.
They bump the ball high and set for the spike,
And hit it over the net, with all there might.
Bump, set and spike, they know how to do,
They try their best and have some fun too.
They call for each ball, that comes their way,
They dive for the ball, to keep it in play.
They hit the ball and keep it in bounds,
They are ready to set and slam it down.
They work as a team and play so good,
They play this game, the way you should.
They play so hard, it shows in the game,
They are the best, (your team) is their name.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Check out these books

Pull up a chair
and sit right down.
The search is over,
a great blog you found.
With poetry, short stories,
and even a book review.
Presented by five characters
to entertain you.
Now is the time, 
to take a look.
You will enjoy reading
another Picture Book.
The Black Rabbit
by Philippa Leathers
It was a beautiful sunny day.
But something was wrong.
Rabbit found a black 
rabbit following him.
Rabbit tried to out run it
and even tried to hide.
But the black rabbit 
was always there.
Then more trouble 
came along.
A wolf ready to attack.
Rabbit had no fear
with Black Rabbit nearby.
Chasing Watermelons
by Kevin White
Duck wanted a watermelon feast.
He tried to open a crate full of melons.
The crate broke open and
all of the sudden the
watermelons rolled away.
Duck chased after the melons.
Along the way, his friends
joined the chase.
This exciting tale shows
how friends can help
and persevere even when
obstacles stand in their way.
Red Kite, Blue Kite
by Ji-Li Jiang
Tai Shan and his father
flew kites from their roof.
But his father was sent
away during a revolution.
Even from a distance, they
found a way to communicate.
They flew a kite for
each other to see.
A very touching story
that took place in China.
Crazy About Soccer
by Loris Lesynski
It's National Poetry Month.
We present you this book on soccer.
Great poems like: 'All in the ball,'
'The Dive at the net,' 
'How soccer started' and 
over 50 more soccer poems.
This book was fun to read.
 Dirty Gert
by Tedd Arnold
She loved eating dirt.
She loved to play in it too.
She's happy to find,
she is becoming a tree.
This fun read along
rhyming text includes
great illustrations. 
Betty Bunny Wants Everything
by Michael B. Kaplan
A Vacation For Pooch
by Mary Ann Cocca-Leffler