Friday, April 12, 2013

Ballad of Volleyball Team

Volleyball is my favorite sport.
I love to play on the court.
To bump a ball and try to set,
To jump, spike and play the net.
Beyond any glory or fame,
I love to play this game.

They toss the ball high and hit it over the net,
When the ball comes back, they are ready to set.
They bump the ball high and set for the spike,
And hit it over the net, with all there might.
Bump, set and spike, they know how to do,
They try their best and have some fun too.
They call for each ball, that comes their way,
They dive for the ball, to keep it in play.
They hit the ball and keep it in bounds,
They are ready to set and slam it down.
They work as a team and play so good,
They play this game, the way you should.
They play so hard, it shows in the game,
They are the best, (your team) is their name.