Saturday, December 8, 2018

Make Me Smile

Smile at your mailman, smile at the cook.
Smile at your neighbor, don't just look.
Smile at your teachers, at your school.
Show everyone, that smiling is cool. 
Smile at the barber, smile at your kin.
Smile at the painter, don't hold it in.
Share your smile, who are close to thee.
Show your smile, for everyone to see.
Smile at the gardener, say a little hi.
Smile at the doctor, don't be shy.
Share your smile, like the morning sun.
Show the whole world, how it's done.
So walk to the park, or any other place.
You can put a smile, on everyone's face.
So take a little stroll and say hello.
And share your smile, wherever you go.  

Saturday, December 1, 2018


I am a stranger of your past.
Finally saying these words at last.
Something you need to know.
That I have to let you go.
It was not worth all the pain.
All I tried to do was in vain.
I tried so hard to be your friend.
But you chose to let it end.
I am a stranger of your past.
Finally letting you go at last.
You never thought I was your friend.
For true friendship never really end.
Only fools believe that you can let go.
No one with a heart would believe it so.
For anyone who has any friends.
They will be there till the end.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Thank The Lord

I often thank the Lord,
for watching me every day.
Never gone for a moment,
even when I walk away.
I often thank the Lord,
for he heard my every prayer.
Every time I need him,
he promised he'll be there.
I often thank the Lord,
that he heard my every cry.
And took away this pain,
that I always had inside.
I often thank the Lord,
for my life he gave for free.
Never judge me for my sins,
but his love he has for me.
I often thank the Lord,
for the gifts I got today.
And each and every blessing,
that will surely come this way.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Image of You

Look in the mirror, what do you see?
Is it someone, you are proud to be?
The face you show, is there a smile?
The clothes you wear, is it your style?
Look in the mirror, what do you find?
Is it someone, who is friendly and kind?
Is it someone, who is hard to please?
Or is it someone, who is always at ease?
Look in the mirror, what can you tell?
Is it someone, who is looking well?
Does it show, what you want to be?
Then ask yourself, is it the real me?

Friday, October 26, 2018


I saw a monster come in,
on this spooky night.
Then a mummy entered,
it was a frightful sight.
A ghost suddenly appeared,
it was a scary scene.
Then Frankenstein showed up,
he looked rather mean.
Even a witch flew in,
with a haunting voice.
A skeleton dropped by,
he made a dreadful noise.
A hairy goblin stepped in,
I wanted to scream.
 I noticed a vampire walk in,
this must be a dream.
After all this confusion,
I came to this conclusion.
They are not scary or mean,
they are dressed for Halloween.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

The Hidden Tragedy

Just never knew, the feelings you had inside.
Until they told me, the reason why you died.
Lord only knew, the grief you had inside.
I just wish, you could have confide.
All those feelings, you were trying to hide.
Remember, there is life beyond the pain.
Sad to say, these words are all in vain.
At times life is cruel, I don't know why.
Can only say, it's no reason to die.
Knowing now, what you went through back then.
I wish, I could help you my friend.
Now, I pray for you till the end.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Wild About The Bible

I'm wild about the bible, I love to read God's book.
I find it very exciting, every time I look.
It's more than stories, great things you can learn.
It was written for you, in God's own word.
His word is powerful, it can surely help you.
It contains many promises, which are all true.
Mediate on his word, keep it in your heart.
Read the bible daily, it's a great way to start.
I'm wild about the bible, I enjoy what I read.
I go through the pages, and find what I need.
I search for a topic, inside this holy book.
I pick out a verse and take a closer look.
I read about Jesus, how he saved the lost.
It was a ultimate sacrifice, that paid the cost.
I can rely on the bible and faithfully look ahead.
Because I live on the words, that God had said.



Saturday, October 6, 2018

Let's visit the Zoo

The alarm goes off and up comes the sun.
It's time to get ready, to have some fun.
You get out of bed and what do you do?
You go on a trip, to visit the zoo.
You walk past the gate and what do you see?
The tiger is on the prowl and a lemur is on the tree.
You look at the elephants and the meerkats too.
You see the black bear and the flamingos in view.
Koalas are pretty cute and the baboon is on the go.
Sea lions are swimming and the turtles are slow.
You spy on the gator and the gorilla is on the grass.
You stare at the snake and the fish behind the glass.
Zebra makes you dizzy and the rhino's sitting down.
Monkey is with the baby and the lion is wearing a frown.
You spot a wild leopard and the lizard is on the ground.
You find a gray goat and the cougar is running around.
The cheetah can go fast and the jackals can run.
The pumas on the move and the otters are having fun.
You follow the weasel and the big horn sheep.
You come across a fox and the panda is asleep.
You watch the penguins walk and all the birds fly.
You notice a kangaroo and the bats are hanging high.
Hippo's in the water and the giraffe is really tall.
Ostrich is eating and there's a pony in the stall.
You seen all the animals, in your visit at the zoo.
We hope you had fun and learned something new.
It's time to go home, we love to see you again.
We hope you come back and bring along a friend.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Looking 4 U

I was watching you, but you didn't see.
I was hoping, you would come to me.
I would greet you, with a friendly HI.
And hope, you would be a friend of mine.
I was watching you, but you walked away.
I was hoping that you would stay.
I would say those lovely words to you.
So you would know, I was your friend too.
I was watching you, but now you're gone.
I was hoping, we could have some fun.
We could take a walk or dine for two.
We see a movie and maybe dancing too.
I was wondering, if you would come again.
I was hoping, this would not end.
I would treat you, the best way I can.
So you knew, I was your friend.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Happy Birthday

We're throwing a party,
it's going to be great.
You're friends are here,
it's time to celebrate.
Bring out the cake,
and grab some drinks too.
Let's begin this party,
by singing to you.
We lit up the candles,
you let out a big shout.
Make a birthday wish,
and blow the candles out.
Slice up the cake.
it's your favorite treat.
Bring in the plates, 
let's start to eat.
The party is not over,
there's so much to do.
We have a surprise,
there's something new.
You have greeting cards,
so plenty to see.
There's also some presents,
what could it be?
With music and laughter,
and some games too.
It's finally your birthday,
this party is for you.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Never say I can't

I said the words I can't,
not once but countless more.
When you think about it,
you said those words before.
The thoughts we have,
are from words we heard.
Nothing ever is achieved,
when it's a negative word.
The moment we say I can't,
those words take you down.
It never lifts you up,
nor turn things around.
It may become a habit,
and even sometimes a chant.
But we should never say,
the two words I can't. 

Saturday, August 25, 2018


If only you would look and see
That I could always try to be.
That friendly person, you want to know.
Someone to love and never let go.
If only I could find away.
To learn the words, I could say.
So you would know and understand.
That I want to be your friend.
If only you could read my mind.
You would know the dream, I have inside.
The day I long to be with you.
And hope some day, it would come true. 

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Reading Is Fun

Check out the cover, look inside the book.
Turn the page over, take a closer look .
Read the first line, imagine what you find.
You uncover the story, that will dazzle your mind.
You find every page, has a story to tell,
All about the characters and places they dwell.
This exciting new tale, begins on page one.
You soon discover that READING IS FUN!
Open up a book, read the first page.
The scene will emerge, just like a stage.
You discover another world, inside this book.
The adventure begins, the moment you look.
You come across a story, where a tale is told.
You read every word and watch it unfold.
The excitement continues, beyond page one.
You experience the thrill, that READING IS FUN!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018


I can tell my heart,
that God plays a part.
To fulfill my needs,
right from the start.
There is no doubt,
he will help me out.
I know he can,
for he's got a plan.
I can tell my soul,
that God has a goal.
To change me now,
to make me whole.
To forgive my sin,
let his spirit come in.
To guide me each day,
each step of the way.
I can tell my mind,
I am not really blind.
I just got to believe,
what he said to me.
When the storms arise,
I just got to realize.
Even though I can't see,
he's watching over me.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

My Best Friend

Many things come to mind,
when I think of you.
An angel you are,
beautiful and friendly too.
A rare precious jewel,
who greets me with her smile.
Plus a caring heart,
that makes my life worthwhile.
My mind is filled with joy,
that you may not see.
Only God knows,
how much you mean to me.
The angels in heaven,
witnessed it firsthand.
When God blessed me,
with my best friend.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Please Help Me

Sometimes I just want to pray.
Not knowing what to say.
Except the tears I want to cry.
And for you to be at my side.
Sometimes I just want to pray.
With the words I want to say.
The moment I want to see.
When you're there to hold me.
Sometimes I just want to pray.
With the words I need to say.
For you to answer this plea.
The words of please help me.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Let's Make Them Smile

Let's take a walk, across the street.
Cheer them up, when you meet.
Wear a smile, like the morning sun.
Show the whole world, how it's done.
Then wave your hand in the air.
Show the people everywhere.
That you are there to say Hi.
And smile, when you're passing by.
Lend a hand, whenever you can.
Treat them all, like a friend.
You will find, it's really true.
It's the right thing to do. 

Friday, June 15, 2018

My Dad

For all the walks, chats and pierogi we made.
For bingo, probe and other games we played.
For all the songs we sang and the times we prayed.
I hold on to the memories.
Trips to the park, festivals and visits to the zoo.
For the times at the library and Sundays at church too.
For all the special holidays I spent with you.
I hold on to the memories.
We watched TV together and played connect four.
Outings at the party and shopping at a store.
We dug up a garden, and so much more,
I hold on  to the memories.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Get A Book !

Ten new children books, sit on a shelf.
You're invited to come and pick one yourself.
Mark came up first, he waited patiently in line.
He boldly grabbed one, now there's only nine.
Danielle took her turn, she could hardly wait.
She decided on one, now there's only eight.
Frank loved the library, he called it heaven.
He chose his favorite, now there's only seven.
CJ filled with glee, stared at the mix.
She found her favorite, now there's only six.
Rob came along, he was next to arrive.
He quickly picked one, now there's only five.
Krista came up next, she wanted to explore.
She grabbed her favorite, now there's only four.
Dora got her chance, a moment to see.
She found her favorite, now there's only three.
Three children books left, each one brand new.
Until Jacob took one, now there's only two.
Emerson saw the excitement, she joined the fun.
She picked her favorite, now there's only one.
River had no choice, only one to choose.
He grabbed the last one, a book he can use.
The librarian noticed, the book shelf had none.
She placed ten more, now you can choose one.


Friday, June 1, 2018

It's the BIBLE

Take a look, at the book
It's from God, who's calling you.
He shows you how and what to do.
He brings new life, to those who look.
You learn to love and how to pray.
You learn to help, along the way.
You learn from God, to live this day.
By every word he had to say.
Take a look, at the book.
It's from God, who's calling you.
He shows you how and what to do.
He brings new life, to those who look.
You read the words, he sent his son.
To bear the cross, for everyone.
He showed his love, in the life he gave.
It's the reason why, he came to save,
Take a look, at the book.
It's from God, who's calling you.
He shows you how and what to do.
He brings new life, to those who look.
You read this book, you get to know.
What God had said, he'll make it so.
The word of God, can help you through.
It can save your soul, it's really true.
Take a look, at the book.
It's from God, who's calling you.
He shows you how and what to do.
He brings you new life, to those who look.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Libraries Rock

Buddy is so excited, to tell everyone.
He's going to the library, to have some fun.
He discovered a place, where you can always find.
A variety of books, that will captivate your mind.
Buddy is also on hand, for the summer read.
He's looking for books, he's going to need.
With so much to choose, he couldn't pick just one.
He picked up twenty and he wasn't done.
Buddy found an awesome book, on a spine tingling tale.
And a non fiction book, about a mammoth whale.
He read a tearful book, on a long lost dog.
And a fact filled book on a slimy little frog.
Libraries Rock is the summer reading plan.
So visit your local library and sign up when you can.
 Bring along all your  friends and take a good look.
There's a great selection, so check out a book.