Saturday, June 25, 2016


They smile and cheer,
they have so much fun.
They run and catch,
they play with everyone.
They wiggle and twist,
they're funny in all they do.
They skip and jump,
they ride their bikes too.
They see and touch,
they always look around.
They yell and scream,
they make so many sounds.
They giggle and laugh,
with old friends and new.
They fight and fall,
they get dirty too.
They have so much fun,
they are a joy to see.
They are the ones,
that bring out the kid in me.

Saturday, June 18, 2016


It was the day before Father's day.
Jimmy thought his dad would love to receive a gift.
So he went to the bookstore to purchase a book.
"Oh, Yes!" Jimmy declared, "I found a great book."
He pulled out his wallet and cried, "Oh No!"
Jimmy lost his twenty dollar bill.
"What am I going to do?" Jimmy wondered.
Then, Jimmy had a bright idea.
"I will borrow the money from my best friend."
"Oh, YES!" Jimmy yelled. 
Jimmy went up to his friend and shook his hand.
"You are my best friend." Jimmy declared.
Bobby looked at his friend Jimmy, suspiciously.
"What do you want now, Jimmy?"
Jimmy pleaded with his friend.
"I need twenty dollars," Jimmy added.
Bobby began to laugh. 
"You still owe me twenty dollars from last week."
"Oh, No!" Jimmy wailed.
"What am I going to do now?"
Jimmy continued to stroll down the neighborhood.
He spotted a twenty dollar bill near a bush.
"Oh, Yes!" Jimmy shouted.
Jimmy picked up the bill and it was dripping wet.
"Oh, No!" Jimmy cried.
Jimmy ran home and used a hair dryer.
He waited patiently for the money to dry.
He looked up at the clock and noticed it was past six PM.
"Oh, No!" Jimmy wailed. "The store is closed."
The next morning, Jimmy walked inside his dad's house.
'I am really sorry, I didn't get you a gift."
His father didn't say a word. He gave his son a hug.
They took a stroll at the park and sat  on the park bench.
They went back inside to eat and watch TV.
"Do you know what I like best about Father's Day?" 
his father asked.
"It's not a card or a gift I am looking for," 
his father added.
"But spending the time with my own son."
Tears went down Jimmy's face.
"OH, Yes!" Jimmy cried.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Choose Any Book

Jimmy burst through the kitchen, darted past his mom
and ran out the door. "Where are you going, son?"
"I am off to the library," Jimmy shouted.
Jimmy took a trip to the children book section.
He searched shelf after shelf for a great book to read.
Buddy came along carrying a handful of books.
"Check out the fiction section," Buddy said.
"They're all classics, you'll enjoy them," Buddy added.   
Jimmy tried the next aisle,
Cathy strolled by carrying a bag full of books.
"You should check out the non-fiction area," Cathy said.
"So many good books to choose from," Cathy added.
Jimmy browsed through the whole section.
Wally stood nearby and greeted his friend.
"Try the poetry section," Wally suggested.
"I know you'll enjoy reading poems."
Jimmy continued to search down every aisle.
Pete walked past carrying a stack of books.
"Try the "staff favorite"  shelves," Pete suggested.
"You're sure to find plenty to choose from."
Jimmy scanned the whole section and his eyes lit up.
He caught a glimpse on a book from his favorite author.
"There it is," Jimmy replied. "The book I want to read."