Saturday, May 19, 2018

Class of 2018

We take the time, to reflect on the past.
We cherish the moments and wish it would last.
Those times we shared, in our work and play.
The many memories we have, of each school day.
From dawn to sunset, it was so much fun.
The joy of success, in the work we've done.
Now we look forward, to the new road we take.
And all the big plans, we want to make.
We reach for our dreams and seek new friends.
We take on challenges, whatever life may send. 
With a new set of goals, it's time to proceed.
We give our best and know we'll succeed.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Happy Mothers Day

She brings you hope, in place of fear.
She brings you light, to make it clear.
She brings you love, praise and cheers.
She lifts you up and wipes the tears.
She cheers you up, when you're feeling sad.
She takes care of you, when life looks bad.
With a loving heart, and a caring smile.
She makes you feel, it's all worthwhile.
In times of trouble, she comes to you.
No matter what it is, she helps you through.
So whatever you need, you will always find.
You have a mother, who is helpful and kind.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Which Book?

Toby picked up six books from the library.
He placed the books on his desk.
He sat down and wondered which book to read first.
Suddenly, the first book stood up.
"Pick me!" shouted Book one.
"Look inside, it's full of adventure."
Toby heard another voice.
He looked up and noticed Book two edged forward.
"Don't listen to him," Book two replied.
"My book is funny, you'll laugh out loud."
The third book jumped up and came forward.
"Read me," cried Book three. 
"My book is about dinosaurs."
"Wait a minute," Book four hollered.
"My book is better," Book four proclaimed.
"You can read about your favorite animals.
The Fifth book stepped forward.
"Examine mine," Book five exclaimed.
"I's about your favorite hero."
The Sixth book took his turn.
"Don't forget about me," Book six replied.
"This book is written by your favorite author."



Saturday, April 28, 2018

Words To Remember

There are three little words, that you could say.
That will bring joy, to someone today.
The best three little words, you will ever know.
Say these three little words and let it show.
The power in these words, we may not always see.
But it can touch the heart, of someone close to thee.
It can create a feeling, that is precious to our heart.
And strengthen the bond, that no one could take apart.
We leave our mark, on each word we say.
Words that will effect, the ones we see each day.
So the best thing, you could ever say or do.
Say these three little words; I LOVE YOU!

Friday, April 20, 2018


Read the word of God,
recite it every day.
Hear the words he said,
trust in God today.
Then your faith believes,
what God said is true.
Your heart opens up,
to what God will do.
Faith believes the word
that God speaks to you.
You put your trust in him
he can help you through.
Hear the word of God,
believe, speak and do.
Then walk on this faith,
and live by it too.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

A Special Friend

You gave a cheer and a smile,
to one whose heart was sad.
You showed your kindness and goodness,
which made me happy and glad.
You showed your friendliness,
in every single way you knew.
You touched my lonely heart,
that even my smile came through.
You greeted me every day,
with your sweet and loving care.
You showed your thoughtfulness,
with food you were willing to share.
You did so many wonderful things,
to brighten my day.
I'm thankful and grateful to God, 
for sending you this way.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

It's LOVE not hate

It's LOVE and not hate, that we need today.
It's LOVE and only LOVE, it's the only way.
It's LOVE and not hate, that cares for everyone.
It's LOVE that shows kindness, to all and not one.
It's LOVE that can aid someone, in need of a hand.
It's LOVE that spreads joy and show you understand.
It's LOVE that gives comfort, to a lonely heart.
It's LOVE that brings us together and not break apart.
It's LOVE and not hate, that we need today.
It's LOVE and only LOVE, it's the only way.

Friday, March 30, 2018

A Moment of Truth

He shed his blood for us, to pay the cost.
For sinners like me and you, who were lost.
Nothing less than a chance of eternal life.
From the only one, who is the way in life.
We should thank him, for all he has done.
When we know, he bared the sins for everyone.
God's precious gift to us, is JESUS CHRIST!
Salvation is lost, if we fail to see the light.
Ponder on these words, because the end is near.
This moment of truth, the message is clear. 
All we do for this world, will be done in vain.
Living for Jesus, means eternal life with no pain.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Riddle Me This

Check out this riddle, I have for you.
Solve this mystery, with this clue.
A seven letter word, is the first hint.
You gather information, that's found in print.
Inside this place, you can always find.
More words, that you can fill your mind.
With plenty of books, for you to choose.
It's far more than, you could ever use.
Your favorite authors, are listed from A to Z.
You can check out these books for free.
Discover your category, you love to read.
Use a Dewey system, when there is a need.
It sure comes in handy, when you know.
There is always a place, that you can go.
It's a fascinating site, you got to admit.
The whole family can come, so what is it?

Saturday, March 17, 2018

A Ten Dollar Bill

Toby was on his way to class when he
accidentally dropped his ten dollar bill.
Mr. Z, a teacher walked down the hallway
and noticed the ten dollars on the floor.
He picked up the bill and placed it
on the desk at the Lost and Found room.
Jimmy walked inside the Lost and Found room
and spotted the ten dollars on the desk.
He grabbed the money and handed it to Joey, 
in exchange for a set of comic books.
Joey trekked over to Billy's house and
handed the ten dollars to his friend for his music CD.
Billy made his way to Jill's house and handed
her the ten dollars to pay off his debt.
Jill headed over to the grocery store and
handed the owner the ten dollars,
in exchange for a basket of apples.
The owner took a trip to Jimmy's house
and handed the young boy ten dollars.
for filling the baskets with apples.
Jimmy raced back to the 
Lost and Found room at school
and placed the ten dollars on the desk.
Toby who lost his money at school,
walked over to the Lost and Found room.
He drew a sigh of relief when 
he found his lost ten dollars on the desk.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Look at this

These following drawings may be homemade,
but there is a message for you.
That every boy and girl can draw,
and you can certainly do it too.
No matter what style you use,
this blog will always display.
Every drawing from a boy or girl,
who sends it this way.
So when you look at every drawing,
and see this great work of art.
Remember this one thing,
it came from their heart.  

Saturday, March 3, 2018

READING is .....................

by Andrea Beck

Face to face with Sharks
by David Doubilet

Buddy's Fun Day
by Henry Porada

The Superheroes Employment Agency
by Marilyn Singer

The Entertainer
by Emma Dodd

by Henry Porada

Animal Crackers Fly the Coop
Kevin O'Malley

The Boy Who Changed The World
by Andy Andrews

by Peter Reynolds

 An A from Miss Keller
by Patricia Polacco

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Check The List

GOALS       Achieve it   
FAITH        Act on it        
       LIFE        Live it               
TALENT      Use it           
LOVE       Give it      
SMILE        Show it      
OPPORTUNITY         Seize it                     
HOBBY         Discover it   
TEMPTATION        Forsake it            
OBSTACLES          Overcome it           
VOLUNTEER      Provide it          
MONEY      Donate it  
CHURCH       Visit it        
   LAUGHS      Partake in it  
CAREER     Pursue it   
 PRAY           Just do it    
ATTITUDE        Improve it     
FORGIVENESS       Practice it            
          TIME       Don't waste it
HEALTH       Work on it 
BIBLE       Read it  
TEN COMMANDMENTS      Obey it                              
GOD'S PROMISES    Count on it