Friday, June 29, 2012


Did you sign up for the summer reading program?
Did you read plenty of books? 
New titles are coming in every week at your library.
Not only that, but Buddy Book has found seven more new
picture books for you. Check the list below and let's read more books!  
Don't forget to send your drawing to Picture Book Corner.
We will post your art work in the next blog. 
A Special Thanks to Daniela Martinez for her latest drawing. 

                                                             Will Princess Isabel Ever Say Please
                                                         by Steve Metzger

Princess Isabel was perfect in every way except she would not say please. Her flaw turned off a prince, a stepmother and a frog prince. She came to her senses while strolling in a forest. She asked a prince, "will you help me, please?"

                                                   The Obstinate Pen
                                                   by Frank W. Dormer

What to do with a pen that has a will of it's own. Uncle Flood tried to write a story with the pen. But the pen wrote down; "You have a big nose." The pen ended up in the hands of a police officer. The officer used the pen to write a ticket to a woman. But the pen wrote down; "Kiss that girl." In the end, the pen found it's purpose in life, in the hands of a child. 

                                    HORSE PLAY
                                   by Karma Wilson

A farmer decided to spy on his horses during the night, after he found them sleeping all day. The farmer discovered the horses played hide and seek. The farmer tried different methods with the same result, the horses sleeping in the daytime.  Farmer solved the problem by staying up all night while the horses slept. So the next morning the horses were up wide awake while the farmer slept all day.

                                    The King Who Wouldn't Sleep
                                             by Debbie Singleton

The King wouldn't sleep until he found a perfect prince for his daughter. The king couldn't find a prince because he discovered each one was not perfect. The princes continued to come and go while the king never slept. A farmer had a plan that included presenting the king with over ninety sheep. The king tried counting all the sheep and fell fast asleep. The princess was perfectly happy to marry the clever farmer. 

                              If All The Animals Came Inside
                     by Eric Pinder

If all the animals came inside, what would happen? The boy enjoyed an elephant ride, hide with a hippo, and played cards with a bat. This humorous rhyming verse was a full of fun and games in the house. From morning till night, the boy and his family could not sleep. It was a wild and wonderful time with the animals.    


Friday, June 22, 2012


ONE seed can sprout a flower.
ONE cloud can bring rain.
ONE sun can cast a light.
ONE smile can spread cheer.
ONE hug can touch a heart.
ONE greeting card can show you care.
ONE phone call can restore hope.
ONE visit can bring comfort.
ONE hand can wipe a tear.
ONE thoughtful deed can ease a burden.
ONE joke can bring laughter.
ONE prayer can be the answer.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day is near,
and I want to get a gift for my dad.
The Good News, I have some money.
The Bad News, I misplaced it.
The Good News, I can borrow money from my friend.
The Bad News, I owe him some money.
The Good News, I found a five dollar bill.
The Bad News, it was squashed and soiled.
The Good News, I cleaned it.
The Bad News, it's all wet.
The Good News, it's finally dry.
The Bad News, it's getting late.
The Good News, I know what to buy.
The Bad News, the store is closed.
The Good News, I spent the whole day
with my Dad and he loved it.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


It's Summer Time!
What am I going to do?
Travel to Disneyland with my family.
Join my friends at the playground.
Sign up for the latest soccer camp.
Bring out my sketches and draw a summer scenery.
Proceed to the park and fly a kite.
Visit the local pond and feed the ducks. 
Take a trip to the zoo and observe all the animals.
Grab my pink bike and ride along a trail.
Take my dog out and chase him across the yard.
Join my Grandma for a daily cup of tea.
Walk barefoot on a sandy beach and listen to the waves.
Jump in a pool and make a big splash.
Sit on the top of the hill and watch the sun set.
Lay on the grass and gaze at the stars in the sky.
The opportunities are endless.
Join your friends
for a great Summer Time.

Friday, June 1, 2012

It's Reading Time!

Today marks the beginning and a end. The end of the school year and the beginning of summer time. So bring out your bike, dust off the tennis racket, and put on your running shoes. It's time to enjoy the summer. But wait, did we forget something? Yes, we did. It's also the beginning of Summer reading program. This year's theme is "Dream Big, READ."
Please sign up at your local library. There are so many books you can choose.
I came up with seven picture books for you. These books were published a few years back, but great stories never grow old. Scroll down, write them down and start reading. Because "READING IS FUN."
                                           GONZALO GRABS THE GOOD LIFE
                                                                      by Janice Levy

Gonzalo won the lottery. The rooster decided he's going to quit the farm life. He realized he had a few complaints and now he wanted to seek a better life. So he bought a mansion, hired a staff, joined the country club and bought a yacht. Gonzalo found luxuries did not bring him the good life. No matter what he tried, he was still unhappy. Gonzalo learned a lesson and moved back home. 

                                                     JACK'S  GARDEN
                                                          by Henry Cole 

This rhyming story brings up the parts of nature and how it all goes together. It's a take-off on "This is the house that Jack built." So instead of a house, it's a garden. The illustrations bring to life this wonderful step by step to start your garden and the living creatures that come along.   

                                              OLD CRICKET
                                            by Lisa Wheeler

The old cricket didn't believe he was a dumb bug. So when his wife asked him to fix the roof, the cricket came up with a clever plan. He faked an injury to avoid the task. Along the way, the cricket weaseled out in helping others by faking another injury. But when he encountered the old crow he developed real ailments while trying to avoid the Bird. In the end the cricket was ready to fix the roof.

                                        MY LUCKY DAY
                                        by Keiko Kasza

A delicious looking piglet knocked on the fox's door. The fox thought it was his lucky day. While the fox prepared for his meal, the piglet came up with an idea. The piglet tricked fox to give him a bath, feed him a big meal and also give him a massage.The fox became so exhausted that he no longer was able to cook a pig roast. This was the Piglet's lucky day. 

by Lisa Campbell Ernest

Stella's library book was missing. She searched throughout the house without finding the book. The book was due at the library by five o' clock. When Stella retraced her steps, more and more people joined her in the hunt for the missing book. The search ended up at the front of the library. Before Stella could tell the librarian the bad news, the book was found.