Saturday, March 25, 2017

A song and a prayer

I pray to you, I sing to you.
With all I have and do.
That some day the prayers I say.
That you, Oh GOD would bless me today.
With an open heart and loving care.
You showed us, you're always there.
To do the things, you promised to do.
And now we know it's all true.
I pray to you, I sing to you.
With all I have and do. 
That something good would come today.
That you, Oh GOD would lead us the way.
With my open eyes and hands in bind.
With lonely heart and peace to find.
With song and prayer to sing and say.
Oh GOD, please help here today.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Memories of Yesterday

Those days are gone, those years still shine.
Those memories remain, of friends who were mine.
The very first day, when we just met.
To the last day, I will never forget.
All those years of good and bad.
Those memories still shine and never sad.
I often stop and think about them.
I ask myself, why did it end?
Those times of fun, those times of laughs.
Those times of love, those days have passed.
Those days are gone, those years still shine.
Thanks to them, those friends of mine.

Friday, March 10, 2017

The Hidden Tragedy

Just never knew the feelings you had inside.
Until they told me the reason why you died.
Lord only knew the grief you had inside.
I just wish you could have confide.
All those feelings you were trying to hide.

Remember there is life beyond the pain.
Sad to say these words are all in vain.
At times life is cruel, I don't know why.
Can only say it's no reason to die.
 Knowing now what you went through back then.
I wish I could help you my friend.
Now I pray for you till the end. 

Friday, March 3, 2017


Smile at your mailman, smile at the cook.
Smile at your neighbor, don't just look.
Smile at your teachers, at your school.
Show everyone that smiling is cool.
Smile at the barber, smile at your kin.
Smile at the painter, don't hold it in.
Share your smile, who are close to thee
Show your smile, for everyone to see.
Smile at the gardener, say a little hi.
Smile at the doctor, don't be shy.
Share your smile, like the morning sun.
Show the whole world, how it's done.
So walk to the park or any other place.
You can put a smile, on everyone's face.
So take a little stroll and say hello.
And share your smile, wherever you go.