Friday, October 23, 2020



I feel the tension mounting,
 every second of every day.
The stress overwhelms me,
and nothing goes my way.
I lost my favorite job,
and my options are very few.
I lost my best friend,
what am I going to do?
Starting over was never easy, 
it never was meant to be.
It's always a time of learning,
and not a time of harmony.
My bills keep piling,
and all my cupboards are bare.
I reached out to others,
but no one really cares.
I lost another car,
and all my possessions too.
Here I am starting over,
at the age of sixty-two
Starting over was never easy,
it never was meant to be.
It's always a time of learning,
and not a time of harmony.
So I fix my eyes on Jesus,
I know he's always near.
He can take away my sorrows,
and cast away my fears.
I place my hope in Jesus,
even when life looks grim.
He promised to help me,
I know I can trust him. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2020



For all the cards and gifts, that came my way.

For all the times you called, you brighten my day.

For all the laughs, chats and the times we prayed.

For the birthday surprise and the games we played.

For all those times we shared back then.


For all the home cooked meals you shared.

For all the notes you wrote, to say you cared.

For all the kindness and compassion you've shown.

For all the times you made me feel right at home.

For all those times we shared back then.


For all the holidays, anniversaries and birthdays too.

For all the trips to church, I was always with you.

For all the doctor visits, dining and shopping at a store.

The times we put up a Christmas tree and so much more.

For all those times we shared back then.


Monday, October 19, 2020



                     Goals                       Achieve It

                     Faith                        Act on it

                     Life                           Live it

                     Talent                      Use it

                     Love                        Give it

                     Smile                       Show it

                     Food                        Share it                            

                     Faults                      Admit it

                     Volunteer               Provide it

                     Money                    Donate it

                     Church                   Visit it

                     Career                   Pursue it

                     Pray                         Do it

                     Forgiveness         Practice it     

                      Time                  Don't waste it

                     Opportunity           Seize it

                      Health                  Work on it

                  Ten Commandments     Obey it

                      Bible                         Read it

                     God's Promises        Believe it

Saturday, October 17, 2020



So many days have come and gone.
But the memories of you is still strong.
From the first day when we just met.
To the last day I will never forget.
You're the most caring person I ever knew.
I will remember you.
I look through the photographs and see.
How wonderful it use to be.
All the things we use to do.
All the places we went to.
Our love for each other grew.
I will remember you.
Day and night I see your face.
Moments of love you can't erase.
We became best friends.
Our love seem to have no end.
Until God called you home. 
I will remember you.

Saturday, October 10, 2020



All the times you helped me.

All the food you shared.

All the things you did for me.

You showed you really cared.

My times with you I treasure,

more precious than real gold.

Those times we prayed together,

those memories I'll always hold.

My times with you were splendid,

I thank God every day.

Those memories keep me going,

they'll never fade away.

My times with you were special,

we were happy as can be.

Those times we ate together,

and also watched TV.

My times with you have ended,

it's so hard to say goodbye.

Till we meet again,

those memories will never die.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020



My heart aches every time I see.

The empty chair near the TV.

My best friend suddenly passed away.

Part of me died and I'm left astray.

I miss CJ, she was my best friend.

We had great times till the end.

I know God will call me home too.

Till we meet again, CJ, I LOVE YOU!

Friday, October 2, 2020



   There is a book titled, "THE BOOK OF LIFE"
Inside this book you'll find,
every word we said.
No matter if the words we speak are good or bad, 
 we cannot change it or erase it.
But as long as we are still alive,
the story isn't over.
There is a new chapter today.
It's a chapter titled, A NEW BEGINNING"
We start on a new page in our life.
There is a empty space,
that needs to be filled.
This page is reserved for you.
Will you join me in this next chapter?
Let's start by using words,
about love and forgiveness.
Let's show everyone,
 we are a loving and caring people.
Let's proclaim today 
we love God and we love others.