Saturday, September 23, 2017

It's Your Birthday

We're throwing a party, it's going to be great.
Your friends are here, it's time to celebrate.
Bring out the cake and grab the drinks too.
Let's begin this party, by singing to you.
We light up the candles and let out a big shout.
All the candles are lit, can you blow them out?
Slice up the cake, it's a chocolate treat.
Bring out the plates, let's start to eat.
The party is not over, there's so much to do.
We have a surprise, there's something new.
You have greeting cards, so plenty to see.
There's also some presents, what could it be?
With music and laughter and some games too.
It's your birthday, this party is for you.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

What is it?

Check out this riddle, I have for you.
Solve this mystery place, with this clue.
A seven letter word, is the first hint.
You gather data, that's found in print.
Inside this place, you can always find.
More words that you can fill your mind.
With plenty of books, for you to choose.
It's far more than you could ever use.
Your favorite authors are listed from A to Z.
You can check out these books for free.
Discover your genre, you love to read.
Use a Dewey system, when there is a need.
It sure comes in handy, when you know.
There is always a place that you can go.
It's a fascinating site, you got to admit.
The whole family can visit, so what is it?

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Visit The Zoo

The alarm goes off and up comes the sun.
It's time to get ready, to have some fun.
You get out of bed and what do you do?
You go on a trip, to visit the zoo.
You walk past the gate and what do you see?
The tiger is on the prowl and a lemur is on the tree.
You look at the elephants and the meerkats too.
You see the black bear and the flamingos in view.
Koalas are pretty cute and the baboon is on the go.
Sea lions are swimming and the turtles are slow.
You spy on the gator and the gorilla is on the grass.
You stare at the snake and the fish behind the glass.
Zebra makes you dizzy and the rhinos sitting down.
Monkey is with a baby and the lion is wearing a frown.
You spot a wild leopard and the lizard is on the ground.
You find a gray goat and the cougar is running around.
The cheetah can go fast and the jackals can run.
The pumas on the move and the otters are having fun.
You follow the weasel and the big horn sheep.
You come across a fox and the panda is asleep.
You watch the penguins walk and all the birds fly.
You notice a kangaroo and the bats are hanging high.
Hippo's in the water and the giraffe is really tall.
Ostrich is eating and there's a pony in the stall.
You seen all the animals, in your visit at the zoo.
We hope you had fun and learned something new.
It's time to go home, we love to see you again.
We hope you come back and bring along a friend.


Sunday, September 3, 2017


It's time to get up and go.
Share a smile and say hello.
Don't stop till the day is done.
Tell all your friends, this is fun.
Take a walk, across the street.
Greet everyone that you meet.
Wear a smile, like the sun.
Show the world. how it's done.
Wave your hand, in the air.
Show the people, you are there.
Share your smile and say Hi.
Greet everyone, who passes by.
Treat them all, like your friend.
Lend a hand, when you can. 
You'll find that it's really true.
It's the right thing to do.
So it's time to get up and go.
Share a smile and say hello.
Don't stop till the day is done.
Tell all your friends, this is fun.