Saturday, November 26, 2022



When there is love,

we see it in action.

It displays compassion,

and it shows affection.

It's always patient,

it shows they care.

And love always means,

that God is there.

Love always protects,

love is strong.

Love never keeps,

no record of wrong.

Love is gentle,

love means giving.

Love always means,

they're always forgiving.

With all these virtues,

love is the key.

Put it all together,

and you get unity.

Saturday, November 19, 2022



When we get up,

we're ready to start.

We approach this day,

with an open heart.

We read the bible,

and pray every day.

We live for Jesus,

that's our goal today.

We honor our Savior,

in all we do.

We glorify the Lord,

in what we say too.

We follow his ways,

we obey his commands.

We do God's will,

whatever he planned.

We're servant of the Lord,

with bible in hand.

We preach the message,

of the Promised Land.

We thank the Lord,

every time we can.

We wait for the day,

when he comes again.

Saturday, November 12, 2022



There are three words,

that you can say.

That will bring joy,

to someone each day.

The best three words,

you will ever know.

Believe in these words,

and let it show.

The power of these words,

we may not always see.

But it can touch the heart,

of someone close to thee.

It can create a feeling,

that's precious to our heart.

Strengthen the bond,

no one can take apart.

We leave our mark,

on each word we say.

Words that will affect,

the ones we see today.

So the best thing,

you can say or do.

Say these three words,


Saturday, November 5, 2022



I don't know why,

I'm going through this.

But one thing I know,

my ways are not his.

So I pray continually,

and I patiently wait.

I know for certain,

what he does is great.

The promises of God,

it's proven to be true.

So I rely on him,

on what he will do.

It may seem long,

 and I may be weak.

But his ways are perfect,

so that's what I seek.

I don't know when,

my afflictions will end.

But one thing I know,

I'll pray again.

I'm in his presence, 

in time of despair.

So I am assured,

he hears my prayer.

The promises of God,

I know what he said.

His words comfort me,

so I look ahead,

The plans of the Lord,

becomes my story.

So in the end,

I give God the glory.