Saturday, November 5, 2022



I don't know why,

I'm going through this.

But one thing I know,

my ways are not his.

So I pray continually,

and I patiently wait.

I know for certain,

what he does is great.

The promises of God,

it's proven to be true.

So I rely on him,

on what he will do.

It may seem long,

 and I may be weak.

But his ways are perfect,

so that's what I seek.

I don't know when,

my afflictions will end.

But one thing I know,

I'll pray again.

I'm in his presence, 

in time of despair.

So I am assured,

he hears my prayer.

The promises of God,

I know what he said.

His words comfort me,

so I look ahead,

The plans of the Lord,

becomes my story.

So in the end,

I give God the glory. 

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